These eliminations before the finale of The Voice season 9 should be one of the more exciting results shows in the show’s history. Not just because more contestants are going home than ever before in a live results show, though that is definitely a factor. If the iTunes charts are any indication (and they usually are), this should be one of the closest results ever. All but one (sorry, Shelby) of the remaining contestants on The Voice broke the top 10 on the overall music charts. 

The competition should be stiff and the results unexpected. Remember, this is a live blog. So be sure to check back here every 10 minutes and refresh for the latest updates.

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Former Winner Cassadee Pope Performs

Before we get to Cassadee Pope, can we take a timeout to take about Gwen’s wardrobe? She has traded her Princess Leia reject hairstyle from the semifinals for a dress made of pennies … Seriously … Come on, Gwen! What is going on with you this season?

As for Cassadee, this is a pretty good performance. It reminds me of how good Cassadee was on The Voice and makes me sad that she hasn’t made much of an impact outside of the show. At least she hasn’t become as much of a star as she deserves.

Dolly Parton Meets the Contestants

After the semifinals’ disturbing lack of Dolly, the contestants get to talk to her. The questions are obviously scripted, but because Dolly Parton is and always will be a national treasure, it’s not at all painful. Dolly makes the whole thing a lot less awkward than it could have been. Dolly’s whole appearance on the show is obviously just promotion for the NBC TV movie based on her song. This, so far, is a much more successful promotion than the cringe-worthy bit Eva Longoria and her co-star did to promote their new show in the semifinals.

The First Results of the Night

The first finalist of the night is Jordan Smith. No surprise there since he finally managed to topple Adele on the iTunes charts with his performance for “Somebody to Love.” I can rest happy because Jordan is probably the one I want to win it all. 

The Next Finalist is Announced 

The next finalist is from Team Blake and it is Emily Ann Roberts. This is very good news. I was worried that Emily Ann wouldn’t make it to the finale, but I never, for one second, wanted her to miss out. She’s one of the best singers of the competition, even if I wasn’t completely wowed by her performance of “9 to 5.” It’s not her fault, though; not everyone can be Dolly Parton. 

Dolly Parton Sings “Coat of Many Colors” 

Proving my point, Dolly takes the stage to perform “Coat of Many Colors.” This is not my favorite Dolly Parton song, I’ll be honest. It’s still pretty awesome to sing on The Voice. It even calms me enough that I’m not filled with immediate rage when Carson comes back to host. Carson tries his hardest to aggravate me by being as annoying as possible. I’m pretty sure he gets no details right about the TV movie Coat of Many Colors that is airing on Thursday, December 10.

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The Third Finalist of the Night

Barrett Baber joins Jordan and Emily Ann Roberts in the finals. I’m not upset about this because I really like Barrett. I just hope that Jeffery is given a chance to make it into the finals. Though, we have to wait a bit to find out the three contestants performing for the Twitter Save and the final spot in the finale.

The Final Three Possible Artists Are…

Thankfully, Jeffery is among the three. He is joined by Madi Davis from Team Pharrell and Zach Seabaugh from Team Blake. I’m fine with Jeffery and Madi getting the Twitter Save. God help me if Zach makes it to the finale, though. Also, The Voice really just brushed aside Amy, Shelby and Braiden, didn’t they?

Zach Seabaugh Sings “Live Like You Were Dying”

This is like all of Zach’s performances: super boring. It’s not that Zach is bad. He just doesn’t stand up to the other two and their voices. This is one of Zach’s better-ish performances, but it’s nowhere close to Jeffery at his worst. I also object to the very idea of Blake having all three of his artists being in the final four.

Madi Davis Performs “Don’t Dream It’s Over”

Madi is noticeably nervous and her voice cracks several times. She finishes somewhat strong and I appreciate that this is a harder song to sing than “Live Like You Were Dying.” I don’t think Madi feels really good about her chances, though, and, sadly, I don’t blame her.

Jeffery Austin Performs “Make It Rain”

If The Voice audience has any sense, it should be Jeffery moving forward. There is no doubt in my mind that he has the best performance of the three. He picked a hard song like Madi and didn’t have any trouble. The real question is why Gwen didn’t rush the stage like Adam did in the semifinals and drop the mic. The pennies are probably weighing her down…

The Final Member of the Final Four 

There is some manner of justice left in the world. Based on the live results at the commercial break, Jeffery absolutely annihilates the other two in terms of votes. Zach is more than 10% behind Jeffery at all times and Madi isn’t even close. The live results are correct: Jeffery makes it to the finals!

The two-part The Voice season 9 finale airs Monday, December 14 at 8pm and Tuesday, December 15 at 9pm on NBC.

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