Last time on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the ladies continued to deal with drama that’s plagued them for the last several seasons. Kyle is still trying to figure out what the best way is to reach Kim. Yolanda’s still struggling with Lyme Disease. At least now they don’t have to deal with Brandi. Let’s see what they get into next in this episode, “Tuscany!”

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Change of Plans

Kyle and Mauricio are getting ready for their trip to Europe. They’re spending time on a yacht on the French Riviera and then on to Italy and Kyle’s niece Nicky’s wedding in London. It’ll be an exclusive event at Kensington Gardens and Lisa has agreed to lend her a dress to wear to the event.

But Kyle’s plans change unexpectedly when she tells Lisa she’s not going to need a dress after all because she’s been disinvited to the wedding. Things have been tense between her and her sisters, and her sister Kathy told her it would be best if she didn’t come. Of course, Kyle’s disappointed, but all she can do is abide by her sister’s wishes. Lisa doesn’t understand and says this kind of decision will last a lifetime.

Lisa Rinna and her kids connect with Lisa’s mom over the phone. Her father is very ill and she tries to keep in touch, but they live far apart. She says her family has always used laughter as a coping mechanism, so she tries to find the humor in the situation.

Vince and Eileen go to Palm Springs for Vince’s father Dick Van Patten’s memorial service. Eileen says he was such a warm person and he made everyone feel special. It’s been hard on her family, and she’s also still mourning her sister who recently died of breast cancer, after suffering privately with it for years.

The Lisas meet for lunch back in Beverly Hills. Vanderpump is going to Italy, but when she gets back, she wants to throw a lunch to celebrate Ken’s 70th birthday. She also wants to get Ken a miniature pony for his birthday and she asks Lisa Rinna to come with her to Ohio to pick it up. Lisa agrees, but she’s not as sure about letting it stay with her for a few days, especially if it means the pony has to share the bed with her and Harry.

Yo’s Struggle

Yolanda is having oral surgery to remove the metal fillings in her teeth because she says the heavy metal count in her blood is too high. Yikes; that sounds absolutely horrifying. Her husband, David, is nice enough to show up for a hot second, make a joke about how they’re not going to be having sex any time soon and then leave before she’s even done. What a supportive spouse.

Later, Lisa Rinna and Eileen visit her in her condo. Her caregiver shows the ladies Yolanda’s closet of meds and vitamins. Eileen says it’s shocking to see Yolanda like that. Lisa says she sees a vibrant young woman who isn’t able to live her life the way she’d like. They encourage her to keep hope, but they see that she’s in a desperate and dark place that must be very difficult on her and her entire family.

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More Family Drama

After a tour of the French Riviera, Kyle and her family meet Ken and Lisa at a villa in Tuscany. Kyle loves giving her kids glamorous vacations that she always dreamed of and Lisa never gets tired of the Italian countryside. Kyle even takes Lisa out for a ride in the Ferrari just to enjoy the scenery and pretend like they’re Bond girls.

Kyle and Lisa have another discussion about Yolanda. They gossip about her condition and wonder if she might be trying too many treatments so that none of them are effective. Kyle also suggests that it may be a mental illness with physical symptoms because, you know, Kyle knows better than Yolanda’s doctors.

At dinner that evening on the patio, Lisa and Ken tell Kyle and Mauricio that they’re going to Monte Carlo, and they should come with them now that they’re not going to the wedding. But plans have changed again. Kyle is going to the wedding after all. But that’s not the end of it. Her oldest daughter, Farrah, is a bridesmaid and Portia is the flower girl, but Kyle’s two middle daughters and Mauricio are not even invited.

Lisa can’t wrap her head around the situation. She can’t imagine why Kyle would go anywhere where her husband and daughters weren’t invited. She says it’s hurtful and manipulative on her sister’s part, which sounds pretty logical. But Kyle says she wants to go to see Nicky walk down the aisle, not because she’s a thirsty attention-seeker who wants to be at a glamorous party around lots of people with lots of fame and money. Even if that was the case, though, it seems messed up for her sister to even put her in that position in the first place. Poor Alexia doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Probably because she feels hurt, which is just so sad.

Next time, we finally meet the new Housewife, Erica.

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