Now that Beyonce is officially set to perform during the halftime show for Super Bowl XLVII on February 3, 2013, there’s one question left for us non-football fans who enjoy the Super Bowl: What will be CBS’ lead-out program?

The post-Super Bowl slot is the most coveted airtime of the entire year, and this season CBS has the opportunity to program it. In the past four times the network has aired the Super Bowl, it has premiered two seasons of Survivor, Undercover Boss and a special episode of Criminal Minds. The scripted drama didn’t do that well while the premieres of Undercover Boss and Survivor: The Australian Outback are the two highest-rated post-Super Bowl episodes of the last 15 years.

So what show should get the time slot? Survivor is past its prime, Undercover Boss isn’t new anymore, and comedies are always an unreliable choice, so my money is on one of the network’s dramas that it wants to help succeed.

Here are my top three picks.


Sure, the show is set before the Super Bowl even existed, but it’s the network’s hot new drama and the combination of gambling and cowboys seems right up the alley of many football fans. It would definitely be a risk to take a young show and give it such a huge spotlight, but Vegas could handle it.

Person of Interest

This show seems like it’s on the verge of being huge for CBS, their next big thing. Giving it the post-Super Bowl slot would be a huge vote of confidence and give Person of Interest the hype it needs to go from great performer to the network’s next marquee show.

Hawaii Five-0

Hawaii Five-0 is funny, dramatic, intense and visually appealing. It has all the elements for a great post Super Bowl-episode. You’d get murder, big action scenes, a little comedic relief and, since its set in Hawaii, they could use the Pro Bowl as a backdrop for the whole thing. It’s almost too perfect.

What show do you think deserves the post Super Bowl spot on CBS, one of these three or a different one?

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John Kubicek

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