McGarrett and Danno. Together. Fishing. That’s not a disaster waiting to happen, except that it is. If you’re a fan of the carguments on Hawaii Five-0, then “Lana I Ka Moana” was written for you. The first part of the episode was just the two guys going back-and-forth at each other.

At least Danny caught a big tuna before their fishing trip turned into a dangerous adventure. They are cops at the core and when they saw a stranded boater, they immediately put their fun aside to help him. Too bad for them that he was a murderer and stole their boat.

I’m not sure how McGarrett puts up with Danny’s negativity. While McGarrett put his SEAL skills to work to save the dingy, swim them to safety, and later to fix the yacht, all Danny did was whine and complain. I’m surprised McGarrett didn’t just punch Danny out so he could work in quiet.

Given the dire situation, Danny finally opened up to McGarrett about his hatred of the ocean after they escaped the shark. When he was growing up, Danny saw his friend die in the ocean and he felt responsible. Perhaps, that explains why Danny was overly critical and tense towards McGarrett. He didn’t want to see McGarrett suffer a similar fate as his childhood friend. It was one of  those rare looks into Danny’s past.

The murder case itself was nothing extraordinary. The yacht owner was killed by his wife via a proxy for his money. The wife convinced her stalker that she was interested in him in order to get him to do her dirty work. Perhaps, the most surprising outcome was that the yacht owner’s sister killed her sister-in-law. Retribution, but at the cost of her own freedom.

During the investigation, Chin and Kono had a difficult moment. Chin still misses his wife and in response is more protective of Kono than ever. He is concerned, rightly, about her relationship with Adam.

That is going to continue to be a touchy subject for both of them. I like Adam and hope that he truly is moving his family’s business into legal territory. Before long though, Adam’s business and a Five-0 investigation will likely come to a head.

There wasn’t any progress on the search for Doris McGarrett, but Catherine continues to look for her. I’d like to see her return sooner rather than later, but Hawaii Five-0 tends to drag these larger story arcs out.

Overall, this was an entertaining episode. It provided some funny McGarrett-Danny moments and provided insight into both of those characters that we would never have seen if they were isolated by themselves. 

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