The Hawaii Five-0 task force was thrust back into an investigation after an armed robbery left one of the criminals shot and holding hostages inside the gallery. This led the team on one of the most confusing cases.

Traditional Paddle-out

In honor of Chin’s wife, Malia, the team participated in a traditional Hawaiian memorial service: a paddle-out. They paddled into the ocean on their boards to honor Malia’s life and to scatter her ashes in the water. 

Chin struggled with her loss, but was happy that they had found each other again. Even though their time together was short, without his job they never would have had that time at all. He seemed to be at peace with his decision to get justice for Malia by killing Delano.

Chin did the only thing he knew by returning to work and keeping himself busy. Over time, the toll of her death and Delano’s killing are sure to eat at him.

The Search for Mrs. McGarrett

Steve McGarrett didn’t waste any time to decide and start the search for his mother. Initially, he said he didn’t want to know where she was located out of concern for her safety; that all changed when he learned his mother didn’t shoot Wo Fat when she had the chance.

He called upon Catherine to dig into WITSEC to find out where his mother was being kept. She got close to a government agent and casually pried private information from him in order to break into his computer. 

Shockingly, she found out that Doris McGarrett never left Hawaii. She boarded the plane, but then had it turn around and return her to the island. This revelation shocked Steve and made him more determined than ever to find her.

What is going on with her? What is her relationship with Wo Fat? Whatever happens, I don’t think it is going to make Steve happy. His mother is hiding a secret even bigger than faking her death, it seems.

Stolen Paintings, Kidnapping, Extortion, and More

The case of the week was a little too contrived for me due to the multiple crimes and layers to the case. What started as a armed robbery gone bad turned into so much more. Did August March need to be involved?

The robbery gang scoped out the gallery’s safe by poising as security specialists and recognized some priceless artwork that was stolen back in 1941. They returned to clear out the safe, but the owner only reported some inexpensive lithographs stolen.

The robbers kidnapped the daughter of a former race car driver to force him into being their getaway driver, but ended up killing him while leaving the girl in a car trunk. The case got more involved when the McGarrett called on August March to help them track down the robbers.

You may remember March from the diamond case last season. Instead of helping them, March was involved in the case. He killed the robbers and took possession of the paintings in order to extort money from the gallery owner. 

The team tracked down the gallery owner and found the painting with March’s fingerprint on it and they arrested him. But, that didn’t get them any closer to finding the kidnapped daughter. March pretended to know where she was, but it was just a ploy so he could kill himself by walking in front of a truck. Ouch!

With the help of technology, a satellite and heat sensors, they tracked down the kidnappers’ car and found the girl.

The complex nature of this case and all the different entities involved was a bit too convenient for me to fully enjoy it, but overall the episode was good. I’m particularly intrigued by McGarrett, his mother, and Wo Fat. That story arc is what brings me back each week.

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