The Hawaii Five-0’s cliffhangers from last May’s finale were paid off big time in the premiere, “La O Na Makuahine.” It was heartwrenching at times to watch as what little joy the task force members had was ripped away in different ways by the hour’s conclusion.

Chin’s Difficult Decisions

Wow. What a heartbreaking decision Chin had to make. Of course, he made the right choice to go to Malia’s rescue, but Frank Delano is a cruel man and had other plans.  Yes, Chin put him away in jail, but killing Malia was heartless. 

After everything that Chin has been through, he finally found happiness with Malia. I’m afraid he will now be a broken man. He was able to keep it together in the pursuit of Delano, but now that Delano is dead, I’m not sure he will recover.

Not only does Chin have to deal with his wife’s death, but also his decision to kill Delano. It’s difficult to fault him for taking the lethal shot, though it will come at a high cost.

McGarrett Finds His Mom

I’ve thought Shelburne was McGarrett’s mother since before Joe claimed the title for himself. It just made sense. Regardless, McGarrett’s reunion with his mother played out a bit unexpectedly. I thought he would understand why she left and embrace her like nothing ever happened, but instead he was upset.

His anger and insistence of calling her Doris, rang true though. In the end, his father was killed by Wo Fat anyway. Is there more to the story? Definitely! Neither Doris nor Wo Fat shot at each other when they had the chance, why? Did Wo Fat have a message to deliver to Doris? This is a mystery that will haunt McGarrett until he gets the answer from either his mother or Wo Fat.

Delano’s Plan

As far as criminal schemes go, Delano’s was intricate and elaborate. He planned an explosion at the police station, so he could pose as a construction worker to steal the drugs in the evidence locker. Each step was risky, but he pulled it off. A smart man, but not smart enough.

Though, I have to say the helicopter ruse to free Wo Fat was ingenious and suspenseful to watch play out. Even more shocking was that Delano and Wo Fat had never even met before. Delano freed him in the hopes he would help him sell the drugs he hadn’t even stole yet. 

In the end, the task force was able to put all the pieces together and capture Delano. Chin’s decision to chose retribution over justice took a Delano out of play permanently. While Delano may be gone, his actions will continue to reek havoc for Hawaii Five-0 team since Wo Fat is now on the loose.

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