JD WilliamsJ.D. Williams was known as Preston “Bodie” Broadus, one of the soldiers in the Barksdale organization on HBO’s The Wire.  Loyal and willing to obey his superiors, he gradually rose through the ranks of the gang, proving himself worthy for the position of Crew Chief.  Unfortunately, he got caught in the chaotic world of drug trade and became vulnerable to larger narcotic organizations, which resulted to his murder.  In the coming months, the African-American actor will be featured in various movies that are all set for release this year.

In the movie The Shanghai Hotel, the former Wire actor takes on a dramatic tone as Thump, along with Eugenia Yuan and Hill Harper (CSI: NY).  It tells the story of a young woman’s hopeful journey to start a new life as she buys her way illegally in to the United States from China.  However, her dreams are shattered when she encounters an Asian gang that thrusts her into the world of prostitution.

Additionally, he has also been cast in director Deon Taylor’s horror thriller film Nite Tales: The Movie, in which he plays a Rapper, and in the independent crime film H.N.I.C., which is produced by Prodigy’s Mobb Deep.

Before landing roles on his current projects, J.D. Williams worked on a feature shortly after his departure on the HBO drama series.  He played Pooh in 4 Life, an action plot about the feud between an accomplished street enforcer and his best friend who will soon be released from prison.  The film featured Page Kennedy and Wood Harris, who was also Williams’ costar on The Wire.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Kris De Leon

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