On Thursday night’s live eviction episode of Big Brother 8, the suspense was ramped up.  Outgoing Head of Household had every intention of trying to boot Kail, but when Mike antagonized him during the Power of Veto competition, the plan changed.  With things turned upside-down, Mike is evicted for what is arguably the worst decision in game history (aside from Marcellas refusing to use the PoV on himself).  Kail’s luck went from good to great when Dustin, one of the driving forces campaigning against Mike, won the new HoH competition.

An Uphill Climb for America’s Player

After the PoV ceremony, Kail is certain she’s going home, but little does she know the tide can turn on a dime in the Big Brother house.  Many believe Mike is a stronger player, and so the wind shifts and suddenly everyone agrees that booting Mike is the best play, since Kail is so emotionally vulnerable from Dick’s constant verbal assault that she’s basically a nothing in the game.  Just then, Eric, America’s Player, gets his task, and America wants him to vote out Kail.  He realizes this is a hard task since, at the time he gets it, he claims the vote would be 9-0 to evict Mike.  Eric does his best, and in what seems like a gathering of everyone not named Kail or Mike in the HoH room, Eric does his best to argue that Mike is unsociable, and that Kail should go as originally planned.  Don’t change horses in midstream his motto, and he seems to get some support, but not a lot.  Dustin and Amber are rock solid on voting out Mike.

Jen is Smart, Daniele’s Boyfriend is Not

In our two at-home segments tonight, we explore how much the females on this show are or aren’t pretending.  First up is Daniele’s real-life boyfriend Chris, an average guy in every sense of the world.  The biggest mystery may be how he got her in the first place.  He was assured beforehand that Daniele truly loved him and that he should trust her no matter what, so Chris doesn’t seem to mind all the flirting and cooing going on between his lady and Nick, the muscular ex-football player.  Chris, he claims, is one of the “good guys.”  Then we see night vision in the BB house of Daniele and Nick, under the covers, with amped up slurping noises.

Elsewhere, Jen’s mom, who has a gap in her teeth three times the size of Condoleezza Rice’s and David Letterman’s combined, lets us know that her daughter Jen is quite intelligent.  As proof, she informs us that Jen got straight A’s in high school and double majored in Child Development and Architecture in college.  Contradicting these statements are clips of Jen in the house saying unbelievably Jessica Simpson-ian things, such as when she says “memorizing” when she means “mesmerizing.”

Nick’s ‘Stache

Not sure if this deserves it’s own subhead, but people, have you seen this thing?  Gay porn stars are making fun of this guy.  Old-timey cartoon villains are saying it’s a bit too much.  I’m not sure if he’s going for a greasy lothario kind of vibe, but whatever he’s doing, it needs to stop.  Now.

Mike is Too Good for this Game

During their potential farewell speeches, it’s always easy to tell exactly who is going home, because they already know.  Mike goes on for about ten minutes, using a lot of big words and trying to sound smart.  He goes on and on about integrity and honor and all these other things that have absolutely no place on a competition reality show.  Then Kail says she hopes to get to know everyone better.  Gee, I wonder what the vote will be.  Eric is, sadly, forced into voting for Kail, and Zach, a true friend to Mike, also votes to evict Kail, but the other seven all send Mike packing.  He leaves, and tries to defend his foolish mistake to Julie, but doesn’t exactly make a lot of sense.

Eric Buzzes Out, Dustin Checks In

This week’s HoH competition is called the Eliminator.  Julie asks everyone a question whose answer is either the name of one of the three evicted HGs, or none of the above.  The contestants must buzz in and give the answer.  If they’re right, they pick another player to eliminate from the game,  If they’re wrong, they’re out.  It’s fast and furious.  Eric gets the first buzz, and two others, dumping three players.  Nick gets one, but then Jameka eliminates him.  Three more go to Dustin.  The key moment is when three people were left: Dustin, Jameka and Eric.  Julie gets out two words, and Eric instantly buzzes in and guesses neither, getting himself eliminated.  It first seems foolish, but think about it: why would he want to be HoH, when he knows he has no say in who he’d have to pick as nominees?  He stayed in long enough to oust people he didn’t want to get it, then purposefully got himself out.  It’s kind of genius.

Dustin ends up winning, and it’s a bit weird.  He hasn’t been much of an integral player (thus far we’ve mostly dealt with Dick, Daniele, Jen and the failed Mrs. Robinson Alliance).  Dustin, a Kail supporter, should make the game a little more interesting this week than petty, vindictive Dick.

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