It has been long rumored that Zachary Quinto, Heroes’ Sylar, has been in the running for the role of you Spock in the upcoming Star Trek reboot being produced and directed by JJ Abrams.  At the San Diego Comic-Con, Abrams joined by Quinto and Star Trek co-producer Damon Lindelof (Lost) finally confirmed the rumors announcing that Heroes’ brain sucker will indeed be appearing as the cold and illogical half-human, half-Vulcan, but that was not the only surprising waiting for Trek fans.  Read on for more news from our intrepid man in the field, Oscar Dahl.

Shortly after the announcement, the original Spock, Leonard Nimoy, took to the stage evoking a huge pop from the audience.  Once the room quieted, Nimoy told the Trek fans in attendance that he had read the script and that the story, as well as the casting of Quinto, has his enthusiastic support.

Nimoy went on to delight the audience with the news that he will indeed be making a cameo in the film.  Details of his cameo were note discussed.  This fact has also been circulating for months, mostly because William Shatner has kvetched to anyone who will listen that Nimoy is getting a cameo, but he is not.  That fact was not, to my knowledge, discussed.  Now, let me turn this article over to Oscar Dahl for a first hand report.

“Shooting doesn’t start until November, but things seem to be coming together.  The producers and writers were on stage, though they didn’t say anything.  That was left to the Lost team of J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof, who talked about the honor of bringing this re-boot of the franchise to life, and how great the script is.  This was a big theme: the awesomeness of the script.  Although it had been announced on the internet, they made it official: Zachary Quinto will be playing Spock.  Quinto came out on stage and took a few questions, saying all the right things.  Next, the big surprise of the panel: Abrams announces that Leonard Nimoy would be in the film, playing the Old Spock, whatever that means (I’m not a big Star Trek guy, sorry).  Nimoy then comes on stage, and sits down next to the new Spock.  The crowd went nuts.”

Of course with Abrams present, the crowd on hand was hungry for info on his mystery project dubbed Cloverfield, Slusho, 1-18-08, and most recently Monsterous.  Oscar got us the goods:

“So, you know this movie.  It has the untitled trailer that ends with the Statue of Liberty’s head rolling on the street of New York.  After the trailer played, J.J. Abrams came out and explained what his inspirations were for the film.  He said that he was with his son in Japan and decided that America needed their own kick-ass monster movie.  He also made it clear that they haven’t released the title as of yet, and that it certainly isn’t called Monstrous.”

So much for stamping Cloverfield as “mystery solved.”  Still, a super duper hi-resolution capture of the mystery projects poster turned up, completely unauthorized, on, along with some illicit footage from the brand new Lost video game.

– Oscar Dahl with Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writers
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