It’s eviction night on Big Brother 8! Evil Dick, as tyrannical Head of Household (HoH) has been slowly losing it this week, exhibiting some Richard Nixon-level paranoia. His arch-nemesis Kail is on the block with her alliance buddy Mike (another arch-nemesis of Dick). The rest of the houseguests (HGs), many of whom can also be considered arch-nemeses of Dick after this week, will decide.

Tonight, who will go home? Who will become the new HoH? How many times will Amber cry? I put the over/under on that last question at five, and will gladly take the bet of anyone who chooses under. And the biggest question of all, just how awkward will Julie Chen be when asking the HGs her questions? The answers to all those questions and more await us, right now, so join BuddyTV for some live thoughts on tonight’s episode:

First off, we waste about three minutes with the recap of the previous week.  Julie Chen then comes on screen to recap the past week, once again.  Then it’s off to the blue screen for, what’d you know, more recaps of the last episode.

In the post-Veto ceremony confessionals, Kail is certain she’s going, and Mike continues to think he didn’t make a huge mistake essentially volunteering to go on the block.  Instantly, Dick changes his mind and starts campaigning for Mike to leave, and everyone seems to agree.

Jen has on her “Jenth Degree” tank top.  Why did she have to get that veto?  Eric gets his America’s Player task – get Kail eliminated.  It looks to be mission impossible, as he tells us at that moment, Mike would go home by a vote of 9-0.  Come on, America!  Watch the live feeds, see what way the wind is blowing, and help Eric out.  He seems like a good enough guy, and at this rate he’ll never make any money.

Eric tries hard to campaign against Kail.  Poor boy, there’s no way this is gonna work, and you’re just making the other HGs think you’re a fool.  Still, Dick seems to humor him.  Dustin and Amber vow to vote Mike out no matter what.

Julie lets us know Daniele’s real life boyfriend is coming up.  Gee, I wonder what he thinks about Nick.

Time for Julie to talk to the HGs!  Oh yes, let’s talk about Zach streaking.  He tries to justify himself, but come on, there are now naked pictures of him on the Internet.  Not smart.

Julie totally calls out Jameka on flying under the radar.  I hope this doesn’t hurt her, because so far she’s playing brilliantly.  Then Julie tries to make a big deal out of the America’s Player mustard vandalism.  It fails, and then Chen informs us she’d like to watch Eric wrestle Jen some more.  TMI, Julie!

We meet Daniele’s boyfriend, and Dick was right – he’s nothing next to Nick.  He’s your typical, average Joe, and the fact that he’s still willing to pursue a relationship with her in the future.  See, he’s a “good guy,” and Nick is not.  It’s always sad and pathetic to watch the at-home boyfriends try to justify a loved one’s showmance, and this is no different.

We’re then treated to some night vision of Nick and Daniele, under covers, with sounds that can only be described as…Lewinsky-esque, if you catch my drift.  Are they using sippy straws for their Capri Suns?  I doubt it.

Coming up next, Julie asks the question: is there more to Jen then an annoying, superficial egotist?  I’m guessing that’s rhetorical.

Jen’s mom let’s us know the real girl: a straight A student who went to college and double majored in Child Development and Architecture.  Based on the massive gap in her mom’s teeth, I now understand why Jen is so self-conscious.

Time for the nominee speeches!  Mike uses a lot of big words, trying to sound smart.  Julie tries to cut him off because he’s going on so long.  Kail promises to strengthen the bonds with her fellow HGs if she stays.  At this point, it’s obvious Mike knows he’s going home and Kail knows she’s staying.

Zach – Evict Kail
Jameka – Evict Mike
Jen – Evict Mike (begrudgingly)
Dustin – Evict Mike (while wearing a dumb fake mustache)
Eric – Evict Kail (stupid America)
Amber – Evict Mike
Nick – Evict Mike (wearing a dumb fake…oh wait, real mustache)
Daniele – Evict Mike
Jessica – Evict Mike

Mike is gone, and I am shocked.  Not by the result, by I’m still reeling from that full-on porn ‘stache Nick is sporting.  Yikes.

Mike tries to justify his action at the veto competition, taunting Dick, by saying he was trying to stay honorable.  He fails, because it remains a stupid move.,  Honor can’t buy you a house boat., and integrity has no place in the BB house.

Time for HoH competition!  Goodbye, reign of Dick.  It’s “Eliminator.”  Julie asks questions about the evictees, and they must buzz in, and if they’re right, they get to pick a person to eliminate from the competition.

Eric eliminates Jen.  Dustin eliminates Zach.  Nick eliminates Kail.  Jameka eliminates Nick.  Dustin eliminates Jessica.  Eric eliminates Amber.  Eric eliminates Daniele.  Eric buzzes himself out.  Too bad, or brilliant.  Dustin eliminates Jameka, and wins.

Dustin’s the new HoH!  That’s…unexpected.  Because I have no idea who his enemies are.

Julie chats with the HGs one last time, and Dustin comes across like a nice guy.  I doubt that will last.

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-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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