Well, Damon is finally really out of hell in The Vampire Diaries‘ “Things We Lost in the Fire,” but that just means facing a new problem. He can’t just leave behind what he experienced trapped in the Phoenix Stone.

In this episode, Stefan tries to help Damon regain his grip on reality as he struggles with what he experienced in his own personal hell. Matt and Bonnie deal with the fallout after Julian and his men take over Mystic Falls, and Matt spirals out of control and gets into trouble with an officer. Also, Tyler returns for Alaric’s baby shower, and Caroline makes an upsetting discovery about Alaric and his future plans for the babies.

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Watch the promo for “Things We Lost in the Fire”:

“Post-hell is much worse” than what hell does to you, Stefan tells his brother, whom he has chained up. Damon insists he’s completely fine, but is he? Considering what he’s seeing, let’s go with no.

But what happened to Stefan in his own personal hell? “If I wanted to survive, I had to go on without him,” he admits. “So I let him go.” And based on this preview, the “him” is Damon.

Check out another Vampire Diaries sneak peek of Caroline and Alaric discussing the babies:

Caroline has been leaving lots of parenting magazines in his office, but Alaric insists she’s the “incredibly generous friend who [he] will forever be indebted to,” not the “overprotective no-fun surrogate” she calls herself. Just as she’s telling him she won’t be on call 24/7 after the babies are born, but she doesn’t see it as a “problem,” she feels baby A kick. “Of course,” she says with a smile when he realizes she can tell them apart. (And that is adorable.)

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