Supernatural is a show about, well, supernatural things. You go into it knowing that it’s not based in any fact. It’s all about myths, lore and anything that the writers come up with on their own. However, after 11 seasons, Supernatural is starting to turn us into believers. There are some things that happen too often on this show for us that we can’t write off as fake anymore, and we’re convinced that they’re possible. Here are 8 things the Winchesters have convinced us just have to be real.

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1. There Is Such a Thing as an Impenetrable Car

Impala crash.gif What has this car not been through? It’s been crashed into, gutted, possessed, crashed into, destroyed…did we mention crashed into? No matter what happens to this car, it always somehow makes it back in perfect shape. “Long live the Impala” isn’t even accurate expression because the Impala will outlive everyone on Earth.

2. Turducken Exists and It’s Evil

SPN Turducken.gif Turkey plus duck plus chicken…all in one. This sounds evil in everyday life, yet it exists. Supernatural proved that this mystery meat is in fact full of evil, demonic pus. If you think about it, this most unholy creation definitely is the work of the Devil. Or, at the very least, his demonic army.

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3. There’s an Alternate Reality Where Our Lives are a TV Show

SPN the french mistake.gif In a world where poltergeists, werewolves and any other creature you can think of exists, the “out-there” alternate reality is that it’s all fake and for the sake of a TV show. Yet in our world, it’s the exact opposite. When Sam and Dean were transported to our universe, where Supernatural was nothing more than a TV show, a question plagued all of our minds — are we just living in an alternate reality, and there’s another world where Sam and Dean are actual demon hunters? The answer has to be an absolute and definite yes.

4. You Can Stay Safe with a Demon-Repellent Tattoo

SPN Tattoos Ward.gif Search online and you’ll find hundreds of people with these same tattoos on their body. This symbol didn’t come out of thin air, either. It’s actual mythical affiliation is to ward off evil spirits. Do you see anyone who has this tattoo being possessed by a demon? No. So obviously it works.

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5. It’s Possible to Have an Invulnerable Liver (But Don’t Try This at Home)

SPN Dean Drinkin.gif In basically every Supernatural episode, Sam and (mostly) Dean are having at least one drink. There are several episodes where one of them goes on a bender that would kill most of us. Sam even chugged a trunk full of gallon jugs of blood. Demon hunting has got to increase the alcohol capacity of your liver or something.

6. Rest Easy, the Winchesters Will Never Die

SPn resurrection.gif There’s a saying by the Supernatural cast and crew — “no one who’s dead on Supernatural is really dead.” If you look at literally any character who’s died in the show, this is completely true. Everyone comes back to life. It’s especially true about Sam and Dean. The “cliffhanger” some seasons leave us on with one of them dying are pretty laughable because they’re back immediately in the next season’s opener. Sam and Dean could literally jump off of a skyscraper and survive somehow.

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7. Have a Regret? Don’t Worry Because There’s Time Travel

SPN Time Travel.gif Ever have a problem from the past you wish you could go back and fix? If you’re Sam or Dean, no problem! Call up Cas, Death, or any other of your supernatural friends and they’ll book you on a first-class trip to whatever day, time and place you need to be at to fix your problems. You may end up causing some other problems along the way, but you still got to time travel.

8. You Can Sell Your Soul for Just About Anything

SamHellhound.gif According to the show, thousands of people have sold their souls at the crossroads, from legendary musicians to the average Joe. By doing so, you’re agreeing that you can get anything your heart desires –money, power, talent, love. You name it. In exchange, a few hellhounds will come to rip your soul apart in ten years time. Given some of the incredible talent and inexplicable rises to fame in today’s society, this is the only logical explanation. Let’s just hope that E! is there filming when the hellhounds come for the Kardashians.

Thank you Supernatural for teaching us to believe in the impossible.

Supernatural season 11 airs Wednesdays at 9pm The CW.

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Kartik Chainani

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