Since the very beginning Teen Wolf has always had its distinct visual style. The characters are great and the plot can be thrilling but no one can create a sense of place through sight and sound like Teen Wolf. There have been numerous locations over the years that has sent a shiver down our spine, but some our definitely more creepy than others. Here are our rankings of the top 11 creepiest Teen Wolf places.

#11 Beacon Hills Animal Clinic

To be fair this is one of the safer locations in Beacon Hills. There’s various securities set in place for supernatural creatures. Deaton’s skills and knowledge as a renaissance man of a veterinarian means there is more healing that happens here than harming. None of this changes the fact that the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic is one of the most poorly lit and menacing looking animal hospital I’ve ever seen. It does matter what time of day it is outside, it always looks like it is twilight inside. It’s no wonder that Scott and his pack are the only regular “patients”.

#10 Beacon Hills High

You’d think that characters on Teen Wolf would know by now to never stay at school after hours. They are going to get attacked. Characters still wander or explore the high school after dark and it’s almost always terrifying. Depending on your experiences and memories, the concept of high school alone might be scary. High school has rarely looked as unnerving as it does on Teen Wolf.

#9 La Iglesia

The only reason that this one isn’t higher is because it was only featured in one episode. The story behind Teen Wolf’s season 4 finale was pretty silly. It was a complete waste of the return of Kate Argent. The conclusion, after a lot of buildup, was a bit too simple. All that being said, it looked awesome and creepy. It’s closest to an Indiana Jones movie that Teen Wolf has ever got but it was Indiana Jones movie dropped into a horror machine.

#8 Dread Doctors’ Lair

The Dread Doctors are one of the weaker Teen Wolf villains because they are just too overpowered. The one thing that Dread Doctors have going for them is their look and that terrifying aesthetic extends to their place of operation. If you weren’t already scared of needles and surgery, the Dread Doctors dingy laboratory of a home base is enough to make you break out in a cold sweat.

#7 Beacon Hills Hospital

Hospitals can be inherently uncomfortable with their fluorescent lights, monotonous design and the fact that they are literally places of disease and death. Beacon Hills Hospital takes medical phobias to a whole other level. It’s not just that this place is about as well-light as Deaton’s animal clinic, it’s almost always under siege by some monster. The only place less safe than the High School in Beacon Hills is the hospital.

#6 Beacon Hills Tunnels

You really don’t have to try hard to make a sewer look uninviting. Yet somehow Teen Wolf has raised the bar in making the tunnel system underneath Beacon Hills look uninviting as possible. It’s not only dank, dingy and looks so disgusting you can practically smell the decay. It’s so closed off that a monster could, and often is, around every corner.

#5 Martin Lake House

Teen Wolf has never been more a living nightmare than when it was exploring Lydia’s self-exposed exile inside her Grandmother’s Lake House. The Martin Lake House was supposedly the family’s vacation spot. I don’t know what kind of vacation the characters of Teen Wolf take but mine typically don’t involve violent and vivid hallucinations. Granted some of the creepier elements of the Lake House came just from Lydia’s visions. The fact that the visions only happened inside the house means that the two are forever linked. Maybe the Lake House isn’t that terrifying if you’re not a Banshee but Teen Wolf scarred us so much it be hard to look at the home as anything remotely normal.

#4 Motel Glen Capri

The inspiration for this location was more than a bit inspired by the classic movie Psycho. The episode in which is it featured “Motel California” took place in the fictional town in which Psycho takes place. Despite its origins Teen Wolf’s Motel Glen Capri was one of the most horrifying places the show ever created. Every room had a nightmare for is tenants and each nightmare was more terrifying than the last. It’s a good thing this motel is a complete work of fiction because no one should ever stay there if they want to remain sane.

#3 Hale House

Teen Wolf was a lot more innocent in season 1. The biggest problem was not what terrifying monster wanted to kill Scott. Instead it was about if Scott would manage to not turn into a werewolf on the lacrosse field. Still the burned husk of the Hale House was still able to make it’s mark as one the creepiest places in Teen Wolf canon. Maybe it was just the ghosts of the Hales, maybe it was the fact that it was in the middle of the woods, or maybe it was just because it was perpetually covered in dust. The Hale House was eerie and continued to make an impression long after it was gone on the show.

#2 The Nemeton

In all honesty the Nemeton is a tree stump in the middle of the woods. In the harsh light of day it shouldn’t be that impressive or scary. Yet somehow the show is able to make one the most mundane things ever, the remains of a dead tree, into a one of the startling locations in the show’s mythology. There is a sense of dark history and decay associated with the Nemeton. Of course it helps that every time it appears on screen it is accompanied by the most bone-chilling music possible.

#1 Eichen House

The fact that Eichen House is in business is utterly ridiculous. It’s the asylum from American Horror Story bumped up to 11 and on steroids. The staff is full of the worst garbage people alive, it’s disgusting and dirty. As improbable as Eichen House is to be a running psychiatric facility in 2016 it is also disturbing. Not only does it look like the stuff of nightmares but recent seasons have shown us how hard it is to leave. The only thing worse than a bone-chilling nightmare is one you can’t wake up from, Eichen House is that never-ending bad dream.

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