Raven has taken the worst physical hits of any of the Arkers starting with her trip to the ground, being shot by Murphy to the explosion at Mount Weather last season. The emotional hits haven’t been much easier for her either.

BuddyTV caught up with Lindsey Morgan during the Television Critics Association Press Tour to find out why Raven won’t let anyone help her, the extend of her physical and emotional pain, Raven’s relationship with Abby and what’s coming up for her in this week’s episode.

Early this season, we find Raven very alone and keeping everything in. Why does she feel like she had to keep it to herself?

I feel like everyone deals with pain and depression in different ways. I think it’s very interesting to have Jasper to juxtapose with Raven. Jasper is very reactive and very emotional. He’s pushing his pain by getting drunk and getting in fights with people whereas Raven feels like if there is something wrong with her, it’s her duty to fix it and her burden to bear. She doesn’t want to– she’s such a self-sufficient person, she would never want to present it upon anyone else.

With that in her personality code, it makes someone going through pain or anything to be– she pushes everyone away because she doesn’t want anyone to see her weakness. Also, she doesn’t want to see her weakness. She doesn’t want to admit to herself this is happening. She’s doing everything she can to bear it, but sometimes it’s too heavy.

How much is emotional versus physical? Which is affecting her more?

She’s definitely going through chronic pain with her body and along with that comes depression which is the consequence of that. She’s always in pain. She wakes up hurting. She wakes up in the middle of the night hurting. She can’t ever stop. And even her heart. It’s still broken from everything that’s happen.

Not just Finn, but everything they’ve been through. All the horror. All the stress. All the terror. Her and Wick broke up. She doesn’t really have any comfort. She never feels well. I would say as much as it is physical, the emotional one is becoming greater because she can’t control it. And it really freaks her out.

Abby comes to her and they have such a good dynamic and friendship. Raven lashes out at Abby and hits her where it hurts. Will we see them overcome that and be each others support since Abby needs Raven as much.

Totally. You are going to see Raven and Abby go through a lot together and it’s going to be awhile before there’s any reconciliation. It’s almost like Abby’s the closest person Raven has at the moment so Raven’s pushing her the farthest away.

The person who can help her the most.

Right? It writes itself.

On what’s coming up for Raven in The 100 Season 3 Episode 3, “Ye Who Enter Here”

Raven finally has a purpose and finally has a task, finally has something that she can put her mind on that isn’t how much am I hurting today. That kind of gives Raven a new– a rejuvenation, a new life. She throws herself head on into something that is bigger than her and is something that she can’t–

It’s almost an impossible task, but she’s like,”I can do it. I can do it.” And she’s forcing it upon herself to do it. You see her so excited to have something she can win at only to know that it’s impossible to win. She set the standard so high and she’s setting herself up for failure and that’s when she really breaks. She has Sinclair to help her out and to motivate her to keep going so she tries.

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