It’s on between Chet and Quinn as they battle it out to bring bigger ratings and crazier antics. In UnREAL‘s second episode of season 2, “Insurgent,” Quinn grabs Rachel to seek out the most unstable contestant, and push her to the edge.

In the season 2 premiere, Rachel and Quinn got identical wrist tattoos and seemed to be the bosses of ‘Everlasting.’  They pitch the network on the first ever black Suitor – pro-football star, Darius Beck – and get the green light. Things get thrown through the first loop of this rollercoaster when Chet arrives to say he’s taking over. 

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If you recall in the first seaon of UnREAL, the network basked in sky-high ratings when a confrontation between a contestant and her abusive ex-husband compelled her to jump off the roof of the Everlasting mansion. In this clip, Quinn tells Rachel that they want a repeat performance of the “suicide episode.” As tension heats up, Chet challenges Quinn to a duel to see who can produce the best show. Meanwhile, the contestants are pushing boundaries with trash talk and an ill-advised Confederate Flag bikini. 

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UnREAL season 2 airs Mondays at 10pm on Lifetime.


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