UnREAL is back and it is as despicable as ever. The Everlasting production started off fairly smoothly with Rachel and Quinn back together like nothing happened on the last season of the dating reality show. It wasn’t long before the lies, manipulations and even “War” broke out.

Check out the five most despicable moments from the UnREAL season 2 premiere.

The First African-American Suitor

On the surface it may seem commendable that Quinn and Rachel selected the first African-American suitor for Everlasting, but the decision was far from admirable after listening to Quinn talk about it. A look at her words is all that’s needed to show how despicable it is. The women need to outshine the death from last season, perhaps this will work for them.

“He’s not that black. He’s like, uh, football black.”

“Hell, yes, he’s gonna be dating white chicks, okay? And hopefully, he’s gonna be making deep, dark, nasty love to them, too. I mean, the more white pussy, the better.”

“I promise you 20 million viewers. The minute he lays black hands on a white ass, Twitter will melt down. Oh, and the girls, Gary. We have a hot racist, an even hotter black activist power person. Uh, a clergy. And  we have a terrorist. They will be at each others throats from night one. It will be a ratings bonanza.”

Unreal 201 1.jpgStealing a College Education

Rachel gets Ruby, “her Blacktivist,” to drop out of college for the show by lying to her. While she told the truth about having the first black suitor, Rachel lied about Darius asking to have Ruby on the show and that Ruby would definitely make it to the final 2. Rachel needed Ruby and in her style said whatever was needed to get her girl.

Chet Steals the Suitor!

Chet’s back slimmer and slimier than ever. When Quinn doesn’t welcome him back with open arms, he undermines the show by holding Darius hostage. It’s Chet’s way or no way. He makes promises to Darius that threaten the ability to control the message and the process. Chet puts Everlasting on the edge of a reality show version of Global Thermonuclear War!

Unreal 201 2.jpgKill List Takes a New Meaning

If the behind the scenes happenings at Everlasting weren’t disgusting enough, the crew takes advantage of the vulnerable contestants with the “Kill List.” The women who are destined to be cut are sexual targets. Rachel responds to Jeremy’s rude comments to her like a professional and fires the employee who claims he asked for the “Kill List.” Rachel takes the win in response to this despicable practice with a nice comeback, “It turns out being a sexist man-baby on my set has consequences.”

Despicable Death Questions

The innocent Madison is put through the “Rachel School of Despicable Question Asking.” Rachel starts by not caring that Madison’s mother died and then feeds the young girl questions to ask a contestant about her fiance’s death. “Did You Kill Him?” What? What was even worse than the interaction between Madison and the contestant? Madison loved it!

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