Fans of Freeform’s hit drama Pretty Little Liars have been waiting years for the final answer to one question: Who is Uber A?¬†Although filming of the final season came to a conclusion earlier this year, fans must wait until April for the final 10 episodes, but not without some teasing from the cast and crew. In her recent interview with Teen Vogue, Lucy Hale (Aria Montgomery) promises that the conclusion “makes a lot of sense.”

According to Hale, the final season promises to answer that one question fans have been dying to know, and the conclusion will be worth the wait.

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When asked, Hale says, “You finally get to figure out who that is and why this person has been out to get us for so long. It kind of comes out of left field too. You see what’s going on, and it makes a lot of sense. I was so scared that it would go in a direction that just didn’t add up or make any sense at all. But it checked all the boxes for me, for lining up with everything, so I was happy with it and I think everyone else will be too.”

The ending of Pretty Little Liars is sad for the fans, but the cast is also pretty broken up about it too. “It was a mixture of emotions. It was obviously very sad. The cast and the crew grew really close. It was also really gratifying. It’s been a long time on that show — we worked really hard. It felt like we had accomplished something really big. We left it on a good note,” Hale explained.

She went on to add, “And it’s a really good last season. We give everyone all the answers they could have ever dreamed of. That felt good to wrap it up. It feels weird that we’ll never go back for season 8 — I’m still just adjusting to my new life without it.”

The biggest mystery of the last seven years has left fans scrambling to find out the truth for themselves. There are many theories out there, and according to Hale, some of them are even right.

Hale says, “I have seen a couple of fan theories where they got it pretty dead-on. I have no idea [how]. They just went back and re-watched episodes and figured it out. Then you get the theories that are totally wrong; they totally could make sense, but aren’t right at all. It’s so funny seeing all the comments on our Instagram pictures. [The fans] see wedding rings, and they see wedding veils. They piece it together. They’re very smart.”

It’s been a rocky road for her character, Aria, and in the last half of season 7, things aren’t about to get any better.

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“The last few episodes for Aria were my favorites of the whole series because she becomes a little dark,” she says. “She loses it a little bit, and we get to see a different side of her, which I’ve been waiting to do that for the whole series. It was fun, as an actress, to play. Since we knew it was the last season, the writers made every episode an extreme amount of fun. Just in general, we had a lot of good times with it.”

And when asked to sum up the Uber A reveal in one word, Hale states that it’s “satisfying. Everybody has been waiting for it.”

Pretty Little Liars continues in April 2017 for the final 10 episodes. Like our Pretty Little Liars Facebook page for more updates!

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Jay Ruymann

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