After the cliffhanger from episode 10, episode 11 of Designated Survivor begins with a shocker of a storyline, as the nation reels from the aftermath of the shooting on the steps of the Capitol during the swearing-in of Vice President MacLeish. How much will FBI Agent Hannah Wells be able to disclose about what she knows about this massive government cover-up?

Earlier it was revealed that a highly classified file was discovered which showed the blueprint for the Capitol building bombing. File 12-ADC was viewed by the president and it showed how the Capitol bombing was planned out as early as 2013, proving that someone within the government shared this file with Nassar as he planned his tragic attack.Then, moments before Hannah is set to appear at MacLeish’s committee hearing, she is involved in a horrific car crash.

Hannah’s In a Race Against the Clock

Hannah finds herself in a race against the clock to reveal MacLeish’s secrets before he is sworn in as Vice-President. Upon arriving to the capitol building, she sees a sniper with a gun pointed straight at the president.

The sniper has his gun pointed directly at the president but as he takes his shot, Hannah shoots at the sniper.

Kirkman is Shot!

President Kirkman is shot and he is rushed to the hospital where doctors check to see if he has vascular damage. It looks as if the bullet went straight through his body. Emily and Seth continue to work together to find the truth. Aaron says everyone is looking for the shooter.

Hannah is arrested and interrogated for her possible involvement in the shooting of POTUS. Alex Kirkman, the First Lady, reveals to the president’s closest allies that that the bullet went in and out of his body and thankfully, didn’t hit any vital organs.

Peter MacLeish Wants Out of the Plan

Peter MacLeish finds out that the president is okay. He wants to wash his hands of the project that he is now too deep to escape, but his wife says that the president surviving the assassination attempt is just a setback in their plan. She says that Peter, and the sniper that was hired to kill the president, are “brothers in arms.”

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Emily struggles with the knowledge there may be a traitor in the White House and it could be her potential new love interest, Chief-of-Staff Aaron Shore. She tells Alex that she has suspicions that Aaron is part of the conspiracy against the United States.


Peter MacLeish will become acting president while POTUS is be unconscious during the surgery. He will need to successfully recover from his gunshot wounds. Kirkman calls for Kimble Hookstratten to come to his hospital room. He has to invoke the 25th amendment which will make MacLeish the temporary president while he is unconscious. He asks her to keep an eye on MacLeish to make sure he is working in the country’s best interest and not his own.

Hannah is Questioned

The president’s secret serviceman, Mike, heads to the jail and asks to speak with Hannah. She says she will not speak with anyone but the president himself regarding what she knows about Peter MacLeish. A somber MacLeish is sworn in temporarily as the acting president of the United States as soon as the president is sedated for his operation to remove bullet fragments that were left in his body.

MacLeish is already making waves within the cabinet by not listening to reason from those who know better than him within his organization regarding his attempts to keep the stock market open after it drastically plunged, causing millions of dollars in loss to the American people.

Hannah finds out that MacLeish is now the temporary president of the United States. Mike asks her again if she knows anything about MacLeish that she wants to share with him. Kimble lets MacLeish know that she is watching every move he makes while he is presently in the job. MacLeish finds that the suspect who attempted to kill Kirkman has barricaded himself within a Marine compound. MacLeish gives the order to “shoot to kill” the suspect despite the objections of those around him, including Aaron who states that the president would want the suspect taken alive. With the suspect dead, MacLeish will not be connected to the plot to kill the president.

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Alex remembers the day when Kirkman was hired as part of the now-deceased former President’s cabinet as she sits in the waiting room while her husband remains on the operating table. Seth sits with Alex and they discuss personal matters, anything to not deal with the task at hand, which is worrying about the president.

Mike goes to see Hannah’s conspirator and asks him about Cataalan. He reveals that Cataalan was in the same Army unit as MacLeish. Aaron confronts Emily about his missteps that he is being investigated over by the White House. Emily says she is not at liberty to discuss what she is speaking with the president about to Aaron, MacLeish continues to question why he is involved in the plan. He tells his wife that Hookstratten is watching his every move and her response is that she can also be removed as well if she gets in the way, the way Cataalan was removed as well.

The President Survives Surgery

Kirkman makes it through surgery and is heading towards recovery. All the bullet fragments are removed and there is no permanent damage. He then revokes the 25th amendment, taking back the office of the president. Mike comes to speak to the president and tells him what he knows about what Hannah discovered. Hannah is released from custody in order for her to speak with the president in his hospital room to tell him what she knows about Peter MacLeish.

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