In “Plan B,” the gang in The Magicians find themselves uniting for one seemingly easy goal: To rob a bank. Julia and Kady need the money to help Julia get rid of the demonic spawn brewing in her belly, while the rest need the money to help the bankrupt kingdom of Fillory pay for the war Margo started at the end of the last episode.

Julia and Quentin Together Again

Julia and Kady are still scouring the streets of the city, searching for a cure for Julia’s unwanted pregnancy. They stumble upon two Asian women who offer their services, but at a steep price: one million dollars. And not in cash, but in gold. So naturally, the two decide that robbing a bank is the natural course of action. They seek asylum in the halls of Brakebills since every demonic entity is after Julia, which brings the two face to face with Quentin for the first time since Alice’s death.

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Quentin, still healing from Alice’s death, is being continually plagued and haunted by Alice’s niffin self that writhes under his skin. Alice, slowly scratching her way to the service, pleads for some freedom, and in an act that is meant to sedate Alice, agrees to help with the bank robbery like this is some magical version of The Italian Job. Penny decides to help as a means to get closer to Kady, who reunite in the library, for the first time since season 1. 

Not to be left out, Margo and Eliot learn that Fillory is in deep, deep debt and that they can barely afford dinner, let alone finance a war, in the kingdom’s current state. Perfect timing for a bank robbery! So, for the first time since Alice’s demise, the gang reunites to commit a felony, but all in the name of saving Julia and the magic kingdom. However, since every magical force is on the hunt for Julia, she has to sit this one out. 

Margo Leads the Way With Bees

Margo, naturally poised and calm under pressure, runs point on the operation seeing as how this isn’t the first time she has robbed a bank. She devises a plan to get the fingerprints from the managers, get Penny inside to steal the gold, and (hopefully) not set off the magical wards that encapsulate the bank, all in under ten minutes. 

To get inside, The Magicians gang send bees in through the vents, forcing a mass evacuation from the bank. Clad in beekeeper gear, the group find themselves seemingly completing the task without a hitch. Quentin and Kady unlock the safe and lower the wards, while Penny steals the gold without touching the floor by using gravity belt ala Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. And just as they see the light at the end of the golden tunnel, Penny gets trapped inside the safe.

A Penny for Your Thoughts

With Penny stuck inside the safe and quickly running out of oxygen, the only way to get him out is to unlock to the 10-digit passcode in under four minutes which impossible for everyone, even magicians. Well, almost everyone. Alice tells Quentin that she can do it in less than 15 seconds under one condition: she gets control of Quentin’s body for a half hour every day. Knowing what is on the line, Quentin begrudgingly accepts, and like the quickest hacker in Fillory, Alice gives Quentin the code and they save Penny. Well almost save Penny. 

On the way out, Quentin trips the silent magical alarm, which tips off the mystical warriors protecting the bank. The guard comes out swinging and effectively stops their escape, until Julia comes to the rescue, rewinding time so that the gang has another shot as escaping. With Julia’s help and Kady’s fierce fighting, they get past the guard, but in the last second, Eliot’s dream doppelganger is hurt, causing unknown repercussions to the real Eliot in Fillory. 

As the gang exits the bank, Julia and her magical time powers are attacked by an invisible ghost, effectively knocking her out. When Julia regains consciousness, she learns that the cost of her abortion was paid for with the gold they almost just died stealing, so she is effectively free of Reynard’s demonic spawn. Except for the complication which arose during the procedure. What exactly that complication is will be unknown until the next episode.

What do you think happened to Julia? Will she ever be the same again?

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