What exactly happened that led to two families being killed in Criminal Minds season 12 episode 5? That’s the question for “The Anti-Terrorism Squad,” which will see the BAU investigating if bullying is the link between two high school students, the sole survivors of those murders.

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Watch the promo for “The Anti-Terrorism Squad”:

“Every clue is a deception,” the promo warns us. “And every victim is not who you think they are.” What exactly is going on with this case?

Get a sneak peek of the case:

While the Bergstrom family has deep ties to the community, it’s up to the BAU to figure out why they may have been targeted by a family annihilator. They did have their fair share of dirty laundry though; he got hooked on Vicodin a few years ago after a skiing accident, and she had an affair. Did he get in over his head with his dealer? Did she cut things off and the guy went off the deep end?

The sole survivor is their 17-year-old daughter, Amanda, who is also the beneficiary of their insurance policy of $100,000. People have been killed for less, but could she have really killed her parents for that money?

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