Once Upon a Time episode 6, “Dark Waters,” introduced another character from the Land of Untold Stories while exploring a part of Hook’s past. It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a Hook back story, and I thought the writers meshed Hook and the Land of Untold Stories fairly well. The storyline also gave the writers the opportunity to explore the new dynamic between Hook and Henry.

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A New Housemate 

Since Hook recently moved in with Emma, a little tension between him and Henry was inevitable. One of the main subplots in this episode was the new relationship between Henry and Hook. Henry had lived with his adoptive mother, Regina, before living with Emma. He has never really lived with one of his mother’s boyfriends, so this is a whole new situation. The writers moved away from the fantasy aspect and focused on a typical teenager and step-parent relationship. It added a little realism to the show and demonstrated how even fairy tale characters and heroes struggle with change. 

A Father-Son Adventure 

With Hook moving in, Henry is probably struggling with seeing him as his father. He may worry about replacing his real father, and in a fit of anger told Hook that he was not a part of his family. Henry went through some typical teenage angst, but got the opportunity to work through his issues with Hook. The two went on their own mini-adventure when they were kidnapped by Hook’s younger brother Liam. It was great that they were able to bond. Now any future relationship progression between Hook and Emma will be free of Henry-shaped plot holes. 

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Another Family Struggle

Belle plays a relatively minor role in this episode of Once Upon a Time. She runs into Snow in the hospital while she is waiting for her first ultrasound appointment. Belle worries about the future relationship between her son and Rumpelstiltskin. Belle has been through enough. I hope the writers do not try to bring Belle and Rumple back together. It would not be surprising if Rumpelstiltskin does try to use the shears of destiny on Belle. Rumple using magic and tricks to bring Belle back has been used over and over again, so it would be pretty disappointing if the writers continued that pattern instead of trying something new.

Are you interested in seeing more father-son relationship developments between Hook and Henry? Are you curious about what Belle is going to do about Rumpelstiltskin and her son? 

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