There is a lot going on in season 6 of Once Upon a Time. And each story that gets told is somehow intertwined with the present. In this episode, “Dark Waters,” Hook must face someone from his past, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The Evil Queen tries a new approach to get what she wants. But does it work? And Aladdin finally hears Jasmine out about what happened to Agrabah.

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The Time of the Dark Curse

Hook is out seeking revenge on Rumple on the Jolly Roger when a stowaway comes aboard. Just as Hook’s about to kill him, a giant submarine goes under the ship. The stowaway tells Hook it’s not a sea creature and pushes him overboard.

Hook wakes up inside the submarine named the Nautilus. And the stowaway introduces himself as Captain Nemo. Nemo explains that the ship is called a second chance. He feels that Hook is missing a family. Hook, of course, disagrees and says he just wants revenge. Nemo explains about his own revenge and says that once he got revenge for his family’s murders, he was still left with an empty heart.

Nemo then takes Hook on a mission. As they seek a treasure chest, Hook tries to run away, but a giant sea monster gets him. Nemo and his first mate, Liam, rescue Hook. Back on the ship, Nemo opens the chest to reveal a key. He explains that the key is a gateway to the Mysterious Island, which is a place to start over. He urges Hook to join his crew and journey to the island. Hook then asks Nemo about Liam and realizes it’s his brother. This revelation leads Hook to want to leave the ship.

Hook explains that Liam is seeking revenge on him for killing his parents. Nemo insists that’s all behind Liam, but, of course, Liam walks in and tries to attack Hook. However, he stabs Nemo instead. Hook flees shortly after.

Facing His Fear

In the present day, Hook is still dealing with his emotions of keeping the shears that could be used to take away a savior’s power and, in turn, destiny. He ends up locking them in a tool box in his garage.

When he goes in for breakfast, you can see Henry is not pleased with having Hook shack up with his mother. But he makes the best of it. As he goes to throw out the trash, the Evil Queen stops by and reveals that Hook never got rid of the shears. Henry takes it upon himself to dispose of them, but Hook finds him at the docks before it can happen.

As they argue on the docks, the submarine arrives and the crew takes Henry and Hook captive. Hook tells Henry that the captain of the ship is a mean guy. However, all Henry wants to do is combat Hook again. Hook then explains how he killed his father and left his brother an orphan, a brother who is Liam and the new captain of the ship. And now he fears Liam is still seeking revenge.

Henry manages to free them, but there’s only one helmet to go out into the sea. Hook gives it to Henry, but Henry comes back just as Liam is attacking Hook. Together, now that they’ve made up, they put the shears in the treasure chest and drop them into the sea.

What’s Happened to Agrabah?

In wrapping up Aladdin and Jasmine’s storyline — or at least what feels like a wrap-up — Aladdin must choose between doing the right thing or just continuing to run. Jasmine tries to convince him to help the city, but he won’t hear it and walks away.

Jasmine calls Emma for help, so Emma tracks down Aladdin, who’s robbing cars, and explains to him that she didn’t always want to be a savior, but she embraces it now and she learned from her mistakes.

Aladdin has a change of heart after speaking with Emma. He tells Jasmine he’s ready to help Agrabah the best he can. However, she explains that they can’t go back to Agrabah because it went missing in a sandstorm.

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A Jailbreak and A Hospital Visit

Snow and David join Regina to rescue Archie, who is now in cricket form thanks to Zelina. Regina confronts the Evil Queen as a distraction, and Snow is able to free Archie. However, Zelina’s baby starts crying and everyone runs inside. Just as the Queen tries to kill Snow and David, Regina saves them and whisks them out of the house.

Later on, David and Snow bring in a man found dying in the woods. David says the man must have come from the Land of Untold Stories, but he doesn’t remember him at Granny’s. It turns out the mystery man is Nemo, who is later reunited with Liam at the hospital.

Snow runs into Belle at the hospital, who is getting her first sonogram. She expresses to Snow that she’s struggling with doing things on her own and whether she should let Rumple back in. She fears that her dream will come true and her child will have a terrible relationship with Rumple, but she wants to try and change that. Later that day, she slips the sonogram photo under Rumple’s shop door.

What Does She Really Want?

Meanwhile, the Evil Queen is trying to pit the Charming clan against each other. This time, she works her charm on Henry to try and turn him against Hook. However, that fails.

In the middle of all the planning, Rumple goes to see the Queen to see about the shears. Of course, the Queen says she doesn’t have them. Rumple wants them to try and fix things with Belle. Later, when the Queen realizes that her plan didn’t work, she seeks out Rumple’s help. When he asks her what she really wants, she kisses him. But Rumple is not all she wants. She hands him the shears as a bargaining tool and reveals that what she really wants is Snow White’s heart.

It’s Always About the Heart

Hearts are all the Evil Queen wants. Heck, remember when she had that whole secret vault with all of the hearts she had collected over the years? And now she’s back at it again, seeking revenge on Snow White and trying to get her heart. I’m sure that won’t work out either, but perhaps that’s how Emma dies, trying to protect her mother.

Emma briefly touches on her visions in this episode as she bonds with Aladdin. But Emma always sort of took a back seat to her son and Hook.

There’s also no mention of David’s secret mission to track down his father’s killers, but I’m sure that story will circle around.

I’m glad that they sort of wrapped up Aladdin’s story. But I am curious if they will try and get back to Agrabah anyway.

What did you think of Once Upon a Time? Do you think there’s just too much going on this season? Or do you like the scattered stories? Are you worried that the shears have fallen into the wrong hands? Let us know in the comments section below.

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