“Today Will Be Different” was the second episode of The Vampire Diaries season 8, and unfortunately, nothing was really different for any of the characters. There were some happier moments amidst the heartbreak, yes, but that doesn’t mean that even sadder moments aren’t probably still to come to ruin them.

Here are the most heartbreaking moments from “Today Will Be Different.”

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Damon Sought Mental Refuge in His Memory of Elena

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Specifically, he went back to their first meeting.

Enzo Was “Almost” Completely Able to Keep the Siren out of His Head — But She Saw Sarah

He may have kept her from seeing Bonnie, but she got the name “Sarah Nelson” out of him, leading to her sending Damon and Enzo to kill Sarah Nelson. By the time Stefan, Caroline and Bonnie followed up on the lead, Damon and Enzo had already found Sarah Salvatore, though she got Damon with vervain and Enzo was helping her leave town.

Bonnie Had to Watch Stefan and Caroline Together While Missing Enzo

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Enzo Wouldn’t Even Look at Bonnie in Sarah’s Apartment

She wasn’t safe if he stayed, he insisted. “I can’t allow myself to think about how important you are,” he told her, but she wondered if she was important. “The enemy has been entering my mind, attacking me mentally, digging for ways to leverage my obedience,” he continued. Sybil wouldn’t leave his head until he gave her a meaningful name.

Georgie Confessed She Killed Her Best Friend to Alaric

She recognized a cuneiform symbol as the same one she had tattooed on her. She saw the symbol when she was dead. She had been driving her best friend home from a party, and she was not only drunk, but also texting a guy, so she didn’t notice when she drove across the yellow line.

While she didn’t remember the crash, she remembered “waking up somewhere else” with “this crazy intense awareness of pain and loneliness and fear.” “In that moment, I knew I’d killed my best friend,” she told Alaric before explaining, “I basically gave myself a PhD in hell because I know where I’m going one day.” 

Bonnie “Did What [She] Needed” and Tried to Get Enzo Away, But He Couldn’t Stay with Her

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However, his mind was bonded to the siren’s. “There is no breaking free. There’s no escaping her reach,” he told her. “Every moment we spend together is another moment she could discover how I feel about you.” Bonnie refused to lose Enzo again, but while she “never lost” him, he said she had to let him go.

Stefan Was Forced to Watch Sarah Die

Damon told Sarah to run after Stefan tried to get through to him (including telling him who she was to them), but the siren was waiting right outside and stabbed Sarah. She then put Stefan under her spell and he couldn’t save her.

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The Siren Learned About Elena — and Manipulated Damon’s Memory of Her

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She knew that he had been hiding something from her, and so she went into his head and saw where his subconscious went when he tried to resist her. She saw that first meeting on the road, along with other moments between Damon and Elena, but she changed it, so that instead of meeting Elena, Damon met the siren, Sybil.

Bonnie Admitted How Much She Was Hurting

“I had a plan to grow old with Enzo and come home to him every night. I had a plan to live the kind of life that you and Stefan are living right now,” she told Caroline. “I’m happy that you’re happy. I am. But when I see everything that you have – your home, your boyfriend, your kids, your life – it makes me feel so alone that I want to die.” And she hated herself for it.

Damon Gave Sybil the Opportunity to See in Enzo’s Head Long Enough to See Bonnie

He reached into Enzo’s chest, and after he pulled his hand out, Sybil was able to get a peek at Enzo and Bonnie’s goodbye before he returned to her. He had promised Bonnie he’d find his way back to her.  

Stefan Called Himself the “Last Salvatore Standing”

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“Every blood relative I’ve ever had, ever known, after today, they are all gone,” he said. He was part of the reason why ever Salvatore was dead, either putting them in harm’s way or killing them himself. And in Stefan’s mind, Damon was gone too.

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