“Derek” is going to be a big Criminal Minds episode for Morgan. After all, what could possibly bring his father (played by Danny Glover) into his life considering he’s dead?

The end of the last episode saw Morgan abducted on his way home while on the phone with Savannah, and in this episode, the BAU scrambles to find him and save his life.

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Watch the promo for “Derek”:

“Hello, Agent Morgan” has never sounded so terrifying. And that’s before you see how his captors have him and what they’re going to do to him. What will happen to him before the team finds him? And, as his father asks, “your team comes through that door, what are they going to see?”

See how Morgan plans to deal with what he’s about to go through:

His abductors unload a crate from a truck and set Morgan up in a room. His eyes may be open, but, as one of his captors figures out, he’s dissociating himself from the pain he knows they’re going to inflict.

Watch a glimpse of what Morgan’s captors are doing to him:

Morgan may not recognize the man waiting for him on his front porch, but he “can’t avoid [him] forever,” the man warns the agent. And Morgan may hesitate at first, but he does follow him.

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Check out a sneak peek of Morgan understanding what’s happening:

“I get it,” he says. “You, this, this is all in my head, right? So I can survive what they’re doing to me.” As for who this man is, the answer lies in a quick flashback to Morgan’s childhood — and then Morgan realizes who’s with him: “Dad?”

Watch Shemar Moore and Danny Glover preview the episode:

As should have been expected, the BAU’s takedown of the network of hitmen has ticked off some people. “When you see Derek in this episode in the opening, he’s become a hostage,” Moore explains. “They want to teach him a lesson and make him pay a price.”

As revealed in one of the sneak peeks, Morgan goes into his “dream land, his fantasy world, his safe place” to deal with what’s happening to him, but he keeps seeing someone there: his father, who will be there to help him through this physical and emotional crisis.

His father is “going to make Derek face himself, see himself,” Moore teases. “‘If you’re weak, you will lose. You have to overcome every fear, and you have to find that strength you’re capable of.'”

Criminal Minds season 11 airs Wednesdays at 9pm on CBS.

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