If you missed the first half of this crossover event on The Vampire Diaries, the episode opened three years in the future with Caroline coming to New Orleans seeking sanctuary for herself and her twin daughters. Alas, she was told that Klaus had not been seen in almost three years. In the present day, Stefan arrived in New Orleans looking for a place to hide out from the Huntress, aka a vampire hunter with a magical sword that can track Stefan’s location. He paid Klaus a visit because New Orleans just happens to have a bar that serves as a safe haven from magic.

It turns out that Klaus has quite the history with the Huntress as she once terrorized the vampires of New Orleans. When Klaus realized Stefan would lead said Huntress to his home town, Klaus kicked Stefan out. But after a chat with Caroline, Klaus decided to help his one-time friend.

In this episode of The Originals season 3, “A Streetcar Named Desire,” Klaus and Elijah fall victim to a magical trap and Freya leads the mission to rescue her brothers. Meanwhile, Davina continues in her quest to resurrect Kol, Aya has the Sisters work on the un-linking spell, and The Vampire Diaries‘ Stefan stays in town hoping to find a way to deal with his Huntress problem.

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Stefan Meets Freya

Elijah informs Freya that he daggered Rebekah, thus fulfilling the family part of the prophecy. Alas, that means there is still a foe and a friend to be wary of. Luckily for the Mikaelsons, they do not have many friends. But Klaus has more than Freya realized as Klaus arrives with Stefan Salvatore in tow. Klaus wants Freya to help Stefan hide from Rayna the Huntress.

After Stefan tells Freya that he once dated her sister, Freya gives him a paste that can keep Rayna from finding him through his wound. Stefan wonders why Freya and the brothers want him out of town so quickly and Freya refrains from mentioning the prophecy.

Aurora Reunites With Tristan

Aya takes Aurora out to the middle of nowhere so they can have some privacy for the next step of Aya’s plan. Aya tells Aurora that she intends to sever the sire link that ties her life — as well as Tristan’s — to Elijah’s. If Aurora helps her accomplish this task, Aya will use the white oak bullets to kill Elijah and Klaus. She will also give Aurora a way to see her beloved brother again.

Aurora agrees to Aya’s terms and Aya has one of the Strix witches put Aurora into an unconscious state in which her mind is transferred to a supernatural plane. It is there that Aurora meets up with her brother. Tristan looks no worse for the wear despite drowning over and over again on the bottom of the ocean. This is because in this supernatural plane, his mind is free from the pain his body is experiencing. Aurora gleefully tells her brother that they will have front-row seats to a lovely show starring their worse enemies.

Aya Traps Klaus and Elijah

Hayley calls Elijah and tells him that the wolves have located Aurora. But when Elijah and Klaus get to said location, Aya is waiting for them. She has the Sisters do a spell to send Klaus and Elijah’s minds to the same supernatural plane Tristan and Aurora are hanging out in. The twisted siblings tell the brothers that they were brought there through representational magic so the only way out of this plane is to find the object the represents them and destroy it. Alas, Klaus and Elijah have a hard time discovering which random object was chosen for them.

Hayley makes an unwelcome discovery when she finds Lucien. Apparently, he was the one who freed Aurora all that time ago but he broke their arrangement when he learned she planned to kill his sire. Lucien tells the group that Aya intends to test the un-linking spell by using the white oak bullets against Klaus. If the spell worked, only Klaus will die. If it did not work, at least Aya will have destroyed one rival sire line. Since they will all be in danger if Klaus dies, Lucien teams up with Marcel and Stefan — as well as Hayley and Freya — to find a way to save Klaus and Elijah.

Marcel says Strix from all over the world are coming to help ensure the un-linking spell goes off without a hitch. Marcel cannot order the Strix to stand down because apparently his “leadership” of them means nothing next to Aya’s control. Freya comes up with a way to reach her brothers in the supernatural realm and Stefan says he has a way to distract the Strix if Marcel can get him and Hayley through the doors of Strix HQ.

Davina and the Sisters Start the Spell

While Klaus and Elijah’s minds are trapped in the supernatural plane with Tristan and Aurora, their bodies are brought to the Strix mansion and placed in that weird pool the Sisters use for channeling.

Marcel arrives — after delivering Stefan and Hayley right up to the doors of the Strix mansion. Marcel asks Davina if she knew Aya plans to kill Klaus to test the un-linking spell and Davina says she didn’t but it should not matter. Davina knows Klaus saved Marcel all those years ago so Marcel thinks he owes Klaus something but he doesn’t. Davina says Klaus has taken way more than he has given and Marcel himself once asked her to break the sire line so she is going to do it.

Marcel tries to argue that things are different now, but Davina says she and Marcel have always protected one another and that is what she is doing by breaking the sire line. Davina says that if Marcel stands by her and believes in her, she will be able to do the spell and free them both of Klaus.

When it is time to start the spell, Davina uses Jackson’s un-sired heart to bind the Sisters’ magic to the water. She explains that once the pool fills with Mikaelson blood, she can break the sire link.

Hayley and … Stefan?

The show makes the most of the real-life chemistry between former co-stars and current couple Phoebe Tonkin and Paul Wesley when Hayley and Stefan spend some time together trapped in a cramped car trunk. Hayley talks about wanting to protect Klaus so Hope grows up with a father and Stefan relays his experience with his own awful father as well as his complicated relationship with his brother. Hayley says she never understood the brother bond before she met Klaus and Elijah but now she has a better understanding of why Stefan is willing to go to such lengths for his brother.

When the time is right, Stefan removes the paste preventing Rayna from tracking him through his wound. The Huntress shows up at the Strix mansion and begins taking out Aya’s cohorts. Meanwhile, Hayley makes her way inside and starts taking out the Strix guards watching over Davina and the Sisters. Marcel lends her a hand, much to Davina’s dismay. Marcel tells Hayley they need to get Klaus and Elijah out of the water now, but Davina uses her powers to blast them back so she can finish the spell.

Freya to the Rescue

Freya channels Lucien and uses his powers to gain entry into the supernatural realm/prison holding her brothers’ minds. Freya asks her brothers which of the representational objects are for them and Klaus realizes that the Queens represent them. One Queen for each of the women Klaus and Elijah betrayed. Freya destroys the first Queen and Elijah is freed. Elijah finishes off the rest of the Sisters but Davina uses her magic to evict Freya from the supernatural realm before she can break the Queen holding Klaus there.

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Davina Makes Her Move

Despite Hayley and Marcel’s interference, Davina continues with the spell while Elijah is busy killing the rest of the Sisters. Since Elijah is free, Davina is not able to break his sire line but she is able to break the link between Klaus and his vampire progeny. But the spell is a bit too much for Davina and she passes out. Marcel then takes her back to his place to protect her from the Mikaelson’s wrath but when Davina comes to, she is furious with Marcel for turning against her. Before she walks out on him, Davina tells Marcel to enjoy his new-found freedom.

The Mikaelsons Clean Up Their Mess

Elijah is heartbroken that Aya betrayed him but his love for her only goes so far. Elijah intends to kill Aya but when it comes time to pull the trigger on his former lover, Elijah cannot go through with it. Luckily for him, Hayley is more than up to the task. She drives a stake through Aya’s heart for Aya’s role in Jackson’s death.

With Aya, the Sisters, and the members of the Strix dead, the supernatural realm allowing Tristan and Aurora to be together starts to collapse. The siblings bid one another a tearful goodbye and Aurora awakens back in the real world as Klaus’ prisoner. Thanks to a boundary spell courtesy of Freya, Aurora can do nothing to stop Klaus from sealing her inside the wall the way he once did with her portrait. Now she and Tristan can both spend an eternity suffering all alone and forever separated.

Once the chaos is over, Stefan is headed out of town but not before one final chat with Klaus. Klaus asks if Stefan plans to do right by Caroline and Stefan says that he loves her so he will always do right by her. Stefan tells Klaus he should take his own advice and do right by Hayley as, for some reason, Hayley cares about Klaus. Klaus and Stefan then part on good terms with Klaus telling Stefan to “take care of yourself, old friend.”

After Stefan leaves, Klaus is feeling a bit woozy and Freya says he lost a lot of blood but will be fine once he rests up. We then see that Davina stole Klaus and Elijah’s blood to use in the resurrection spell. Davina completes the spell to bring Kol back and it actually works!

What did you think of this episode of The Originals? What does it say about the prophecy that Klaus is not in New Orleans three years from now? Is he dead or did Klaus simply compel the whole town into believing he was gone? Now that Kol is back among the living, how do you think his brothers will react to his return? How will Kol react to everything Davina did to bring him back? Now that the sire link between Klaus and his “children” has been severed, which of his many enemies will come for him first? Since Marcel’s life is no longer tied to Klaus, will Marcel still be willing to risk life and limb to protect Klaus? Have we finally seen the last of Tristan and Aurora or will they turn up again later in the season?

Did you enjoy the chemistry between Hayley and Stefan? What about the sexual tension between Freya and Lucien? (Personally, I think Freya can do better.) Given that these were two of the strongest episodes all season for both shows, would you like to see more crossovers between The Originals and The Vampire Diaries in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

The Originals airs Friday nights at 9pm on The CW.

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