Previously on The Vampire Diaries, Rayna Cruz – the huntress with more lives than a cat – went on a hunting spree. She was going after Damon, but stabbed Stefan instead. Now marked by the Phoenix stone sword, Stefan is on the run.

In the first part of a two-part crossover event with The Originals, Ryan continues to hunt down Stefan who in turn must keep moving unless he wants to end up back in the stone forever.

Why You Don’t Burn Bridges

Stefan makes his way to New Orleans. Valerie has information from the time Bo was on the run about a safe place there. Magic can’t touch St. James Infirmary, so he should be safe there. After escaping from Rayna in a convenience store, Stefan find himself in Klaus’s bar.

Klaus has a lot of questions for Stefan. What is he doing in New Orleans? How are things in Mystic Falls? What has Caroline been up to? The boys need another round of drinks before addressing that last question. Stefan is mostly transparent when answering Klaus’s questions, but he doesn’t reveal the real reason behind his visit.

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Klaus and Stefan continue talking about Caroline when Stefan’s scar opens up. Klaus sees it and immediately knows what it’s from. Klaus is upset that Stefan has chosen to lure Rayna to his vampire-filled town. He yells at Stefan to leave. Stefan explains that Rayna will kill him if he leaves. But Klaus threatens to kill him if he stays. Stefan concedes and gets back on the road, leaving behind his ringing cell phone.

Klaus see the call is from Caroline. He can’t resist not hearing her voice so he answers the phone. Caroline is confused since she obviously was trying to get a hold of Stefan and not Klaus. Klaus talks briefly about how he handles his fatherly duties as Caroline is trying to calm a screaming baby. She is overwhelmed trying to take care of the twins and worrying about Stefan. Klaus assures her that Stefan will be fine.

Stefan is traveling east on I-90. He gets a tip from Matt and Valerie about a person matching Rayna’s description also traveling east on I-90. Stefan veers off onto a side street in an attempt to lose her. He is barreling past trees and suddenly gets a flat tire. After getting out of the car he can see the flat tire wasn’t an accident. Rayna shot it with an arrow. She then shoots Stefan in the shoulder. She goes to stab him with the sword, but he stops the blade with his hands. The blade is slicing through his palms, inching closer to his heart when Klaus comes to his rescue. He knocks Rayna off Stefan, killing her “for now.”

Klaus convinces Stefan to follow him to safety. The two are in Klaus’s car. Stefan tells Klaus to drop him off at the train station. Klaus asks Stefan if he loves Caroline. Stefan thinks he’s asking because Klaus still has feelings for her. Klaus thinks Stefan was stabbed with the sword because he was protecting her. Stefan explains he was protecting Damon. Klaus advises that Stefan should let her go. If he doesn’t let Caroline go, then he will spend an eternity sacrificing everything good he has with her for protecting Damon. (and Damon seems to find trouble easily.) Stefan points out that Klaus missed the exit to the train stations. Klaus explains they’re not going to the station, they’re going to see a witch. Klaus knows someone who may be able to help get Rayna Cruz off Stefan’s tail.

Plan ‘A’

Enzo thinks he can help Stefan stop Rayna. Bonnie and Damon meet him at a place called the armory. It’s a building that houses all of the known supernatural artifacts, talismans and such. Enzo has been working for the armory since they captured him four years ago. In exchange for his cooperation they are going to give him information about his family. He thinks if they can get Stefan to the armory, Rayna will follow. Then they can grab her and lock her up.

Damon tells Valerie about the plan. She has heard of the armory and doesn’t believe they will work with Stefan. They also wanted to help save Bo at one time. She knows they would watch him die just to see how the sword works.

Damon tries to leave with Bonnie. He confronts Enzo, saying the armory can’t be trusted. Before he can leave, Enzo darts him full of vervain. Then he knocks Bonnie out, also injecting her with something that temporarily drains her of magic.

Damon wakes up in a medical room in a bed next to Tyler. Tyler has been working for the armory as well. He’s been in a coma ever since Damon knocked him out before burning Not-Elena’s body. Enzo is standing on the other side of the glass wall. He tells Damon that Tyler should be waking up soon to transition. It’s a full moon. He will let Damon out though, if he tells him where Stefan is. Damon refuses.

Sometimes You Need a Helping Hand

Damon tries to open the door, but it’s too heavy. He tries to punch through the glass wall, but it’s too strong. He’s trapped. Eventually, Tyler wakes up. Damon gives him a quick rundown of what’s about to happen. Tyler is confused as to why Damon doesn’t just kill him. Then he realizes it’s because Elena would never forgive him. Tyler gives another version of the speech we’ve all heard before. All Damon does is risk his friends’ lives for his own selfish reasons, blah, blah, blah. Damon jams a needle into Tyler’s leg, pumping him full of sedatives. It’s not enough to stop his transformation into a werewolf, but it is enough to slow it down.

Bonnie comes to and immediately tells Enzo what a terrible person he is. When he turns his back, she takes a huge pot and slams it against his head. He falls to the ground and she shoots him with a vervain dart. He’s out cold.

She goes to rescue Damon. She still can’t use her magic, and she can’t unlock the door. The door uses some kind of finger print recognition; Enzo was able to open it by pressing his palm against the button. Damon tells her to go get Enzo. She knows there isn’t enough time. Instead of dragging the unconscious body across the building, Bonnie grabs an axe and chops his hand off!

She returns with Enzo’s hand to help Damon escape from Tyler. Tyler explains that if Bonnie opens the door, then he will kill her too. Damon tells her to leave him in there. She can’t let Damon die. She takes Enzo’s hand and unlocks the door. Tyler transitions into a werewolf. He attacks Damon, nearly biting him. Bonnie knocks him off Damon with an IV pole. Tyler turns around and slams her against the wall. Bonnie hits her head, again. (I think this is like the third time she’s hit her head this way this season.)

Tyler is in and out of transforming. Damon tells him to leave or he will kill him. Tyler takes off running. Damon runs to Bonnie and feeds her his blood, but it isn’t helping. Whatever Enzo injected her with earlier isn’t allowing the magic in the vampire blood to work.

Enzo’s Sad Story

Enzo wakes up in the same medical bed Tyler had been staying in. The doctor has reattached his hand and Enzo is done playing nice. He says that he’s done everything they’ve asked him to do for the past four months and he hasn’t gotten anything out of it. He still doesn’t know anything about his family. He resigns from working with them and goes to walk out. Then the doctor tells him that his father actually founded the armory. The estate is where he lived and died. She goes on to tell him her name is Alexandria St. John. She is Enzo’s family. (Dun dun dun!)

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Other Mystic Falls Mayhem

– This episode of The Vampire Diaries opens with Caroline in New Orleans. She is looking for Klaus. She is told no one has seen or heard from him in three years.

– Caroline went with Alaric to Texas. He is living in the same house from the flash forwards we’ve been seeing.

– Mary Louise and Nora are kidnapped from a convenience store by the armory.

So this is a pretty cool episode, crossing over with The Originals. Hopefully, Klaus isn’t leading one of our favorite Salvatore’s into a trap. It definitely lays some more groundwork for where we’re going the rest of the season.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below. I like hearing from you guys!

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