Gigi Hadid from Real Housewives fame took on Tyler Posey of Teen Wolf on the Lip Sync Battle stage. As per usual, only one star could win the coveted belt and, as sometimes happens, the wrong person did. Tyler Posey came up short of claiming the belt, though he had the way better performance, and Gigi won. Though you can watch the performances (embedded below) and judge for yourself who deserved to win.

Gigi Hadid and Tyler Posey both chose a hit from the past for their Lip Sync Battle final performance. Tyler went a little further back in time than Gigi choosing a-ha’s “Take on Me.” Tyler’s performance is full of acting, dancing and overall just a live stage recreation of the famous music video. It’s pretty impressive even by Lip Sync Battle‘s standard.

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Gigi, on the other hand, chose the Backstreet Boys’ “Larger than Life” and just sort of stood there… it’s not great. The only thing saving the performance from complete monotony and boredom is an appearance by Nick Carter and A.J. McLean. (Though in Gigi’s defense she is wearing a skintight leather suit and insanely high heels, neither promote much mobility.)

In any case it turns out the Backstreet Boys trump actually performing because Gigi Hadid was awarded the win by audience applause. Normally we wouldn’t promote this flagrant miscarriage of justice by showing Gigi’s acceptance speech but Tyler Posey crashes it. The video (embedded below) showcases Tyler being a gracious loser and proving really why he should have won the belt anyway.

Though if you are insane need more convincing, take a look at Tyler’s first performance of the episode. Lip Sync Battle hasn’t released Tyler’s full performance of Harvey Danger’s Flagpole Sitta, just a short clip. However brief it is though it shows that Tyler kept the energy up through the episode.

But what did you think of the results? 

(Image and videos courtesy of Spike)

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