After a lengthy hiatus, Arrow season 5 is almost back. The series will resume on Wednesday, April 26 on The CW. To get fans prepared Arrow star Stephen Amell has released a trailer for the last five episodes of the season over on his Facebook page. The final five installments of Arrow season 5 will air consecutively over five weeks and the trailer makes it look as if it will be the most intense final chapter of an Arrow season yet. There are big returns, dramatic showdowns and a hint of the final battle in the jam-packed trailer.

Arrow Poll: Is Black Canary or Black Siren Better for the Series?>>> The sizzle reel begins with showing off footage from the next Arrow episode, “Dangerous Liaisons.” After the events of “Disbanded,” Adrian Chase is on the run but it is clear that means almost nothing for the grand battle that is brewing between Green Arrow and Prometheus. The sizzle reel then jumps all over to the rest of the season. Though Chase is prominently featured in the trailer, the big headline might be the numerous returns of fan-favorite characters. The returns are big and small including characters we haven’t seen for quite some time and ones who have only been away for a short time. 

There is a shot of Thea, serving as evidence that Oliver’s little sister will be back in Star City. Evelyn Sharp can also be seen pointing a gun at Felicity and Diggle, presumably still under Prometheus’ control. Evelyn and Thea making another appearance is to be expected. The rest are far from shocking. 

Black Siren, the Earth-2 Laurel Lance, has a huge amount of screen time. She has broken out of where Oliver was keeping her. Black Siren can be seen interacting with Quentin Lance, doing the same dramatic turnaround she did when revealing herself to Oliver. Black Siren also faces off against the new Black Canary, Dinah Drake. 

Black Siren isn’t the only returning (somewhat) villainous face. Malcolm Merlyn makes a quick appearance. Nyssa al Ghul will also apparently return to take on her big sister and one of Oliver’s current enemies, Talia al Ghul. The big comeback is, of course, Deathstroke. It was previously reported that Slade Wilson would return for the season finale but the trailer gives us a little bit of context to why he will be back. 

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It appears that the season finale, which is appropriately titled “Lian Yu,” will bring everyone back to the island. It was expected that the flashback storyline would end this season where it began with the pilot and Oliver getting picked up and returned to Star City. Now, though, it appears that the present day story with Oliver and Chase’s final battle will take place on the island as well. There are several shots of Team Arrow in an outdoor setting that looks a lot like Lian Yu. The biggest clue however is that Oliver can be seen heading back to the prison where Slade Wilson is being kept, Deathstroke helmet in hand, after Diggle comments that Oliver can’t do “this” alone. Somehow it looks like Oliver’s previous nemesis will help take down his current one. 

There are plenty of other small tidbits to pick out. Oliver and Felicity look to be sharing two very tender moments in the trailer. And Wild Dog faces off against another returning rogue, Derek Sampson. 

But what do you make of the trailer? Which return gets you most excited? Do you think the final battle will take place on Lian Yu? Is Deathstroke going to help Oliver take down Prometheus? 

Arrow season 5 returns Wednesday, April 26 at 8/7c on The CW. Want more news? Like our Arrow Facebook page!

(Image courtesy of The CW, video courtesy of Facebook / Stephen Amell)

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