This episode of iZombie, titled “Zombie Knows Best,” brings Clive’s past to light by showing his relationship with the deceased zombie family he’s been investigating, while Liv and Major eat a father-daughter pair of brains that prove to be quite funny and the key to unraveling a murderous hit and run.

Clive, dealing with the fallout from the murders, is struggling with the death of the young boy he once knew, more intimately than he originally let on. While the police are still investigating, some flags are raised as to the lack of blood; Liv and the gang know this means they were zombies. It also comes to light that the murder victims worked at Fillmore Graves, the company that bought out the now-defunct Max Rager and the same company that has a female zombie at the helm.

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Crime of the Week

Clive, Ravi and Liv are brought to the scene of a father-daughter hit and run, and Liv takes some brains for the road, exposing Clive to his first-ever zombie feast. Major comes to join in on the chili brain dogs, informing the group that he has a lead on one of his missing Chaos Killer victims, but it doesn’t take long for him to fall victim to the power of the teenage girl psyche he just ate. Liv, who ate the brains of the father, brings the humor with the cross gender brain treatments, especially with Major taking selfies and envying his fellow zombie-in-training’s abs.

Major has a vision of Cindy Chen showing her father a photo, which he says they need to bring to the authorities, possibly giving the team the first clue to their deaths. Liv and Clive go to Fillmore Graves to investigate the murders of Wally and his family, learning that not only were they upright citizens but they also loved Fillmore Graves. It comes more and more apparent that even though Clive originally was a pseudo-father figure, it became much more than that with the caretaking between Clive and Wally growing as well as the flirting between Clive and Anna.  

Down at the precinct, the iZombie gang refocuses their attention on the crime-of-the-week, interviewing one of Cindy’s friends. Liz has a vision, this time illuminating the photo from Major’s vision, which shows Cindy’s friend sleeping with a guy, who seems to be her step-father.  Noting the statutory rape, Clive has motive and a new prime suspect. Confronting the family head-on (and noting a huge flatbed truck on the premises), they seize Winslow’s phone, which doesn’t prove to be as much help as the citation for driving without a license that Winslow has under her name, now tipping the arrow in her favor as the perpetrator of the hit and run. 

It turns out that Winslow comes clean to her mother about the step-father boning, which prompts the two of them to go to the police station and tell Clive and Liv that the step-father is the one who killed Stan and Cindy. It turns out that shortly after their visit, the step-father ran away, taking some of the family money with him. While they are being interrogated, a gothic IT guy comes to the rescue with texts from Winslow’s phone that show her threatening Cindy and her father; god forbid they were to go to the police.

It turns out that Winslow had a parenting spy app on her phone, which was programmed there by her mother, who, despite her earlier demeanor, is disgusted and irate with her daughter for seducing her husband. Out of fear of being publicly humiliated, Winslow’s mother is the one who killed Cindy and her father in an effort to save her reputation.

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Behind Enemy Lines

Ravi, who has been keeping tabs on that conspiracy radio show, finds a clip of another caller who claims that their dog found brains in his neighbor’s garbage. It turns out the caller is the next-door neighbor of the murdered family from Clive’s past. Though it wasn’t him — he was at a wedding in Portland — it does bring to light that there is a patriotic anti-zombie chat room full of information with the family’s address. Again, it proves Vivian’s point that the humans are not only getting wiser but that they are starting to retaliate, violently eradicating the zombie population. 

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