In this episode of Shadowhunters, titled “The Fair Folk,” Jace, Simon and Clary head to the Seelie Court in search of answers to the Shadowhunter massacre. While they go toe-to-toe with the Seelie Queen, Alec sets out to heal tensions between the Shadowhunters and downworlders by creating a cabinet but is disrupted when Luke tries to kill Valentine.

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Jace, Clary and Simon Head to the Seelie Court

Sebastian finds Jace moodily playing the piano. Alec requested a presence with the Seelie Queen, to get to the bottom of the Shadowhunter massacre in the previous episode. However, she only agrees to meet with Valentine’s offspring, so now Clary and Jace head to the Fairy world. Much to Jace’s dismay, Clary brings Simon to their excursion to the Seelie Queen, making Jace even more broody, being the third wheel. So the three of them hop into a river and are magically transported to the Seelie world. Less than three seconds in, Simon almost dies by a murderous tree, which prompts another warning from Jace to proceed cautiously since the Fairies thrive in secrecy and deception.

Once they arrive to the court, they are stripped of their weapons and met with apprehension due to a vampire being on sacred Fairy ground. Sitting down for dinner with the Seelie Queen, it seems as if word of the angel blood running through Jace and Clary is common knowledge. They grill the queen as to the assassin’s motive for killing them. In an odd turn of events, the queen requests a private audience with Simon. Even the Queen doesn’t trust the shadowhunters, imbibing Simon to be an ally to other downworlders first, before his girlfriend and her people.

Trying to escape, Simon and Jace are ensnared in magical vines just for the Queen’s amusement, forcing Clary to confront her feelings for both boys, as the emotional game entails her kissing the one her heart truly desires in order to set them free. She kisses Simon, but the vines don’t go away, bringing to light what has been brewing beneath the surface: Clary is still in love with Jace. So she kisses him and, thus, the vines fall from both — but not before you see Simon’s heart break. Back in the real world, Simon refuses to see Clary, and Jace keeps his distance, leaving Clary to cry to Isabelle over her broken heart.

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Alec Tries to Make New Alliances

Alec holds a communion of sorts for the shadowhunters and the downworlders in an effort to create a cabinet to govern the relationship between the two groups. The downworlders, in order to fix the schism, are requesting either for the destruction of the soul sword or Valentine’s death. Each clan of downworlders is meant to send a representative, with Magnus and Luke withholding. A mysterious caller contacts Luke, giving him an offer he seriously considers: sneaking into Valentine’s cell to murder him. Though he originally declines, Luke reconsiders in light of a less than hopeful cabinet meeting with the Shadowhunters. Luke sneaks in and goes at Valentine with a knife but is stopped by Alec and Sebastian at the last second. Alec should reprimand him, but in an show of good faith in light of the cabinet, he lets Luke go.

Back at the institute, Isabelle is blowing off steam due to her mother’s ignorance to her drug addiction, which gives Sebastian an opportunity to move in closer to his potential love interest. Raphael, extremely weary of Sebastian, confronts him as to his intentions with Isabelle and meets Sebastian’s darker side head-on. Isabelle comes clean to her mother, bringing the two closer together, as her mother also confides in her daughter of her father’s affair. Isabelle fully realizes her feelings for Raphael and goes to him but is shot down.

In the closing moments of the episode, Sebastian is seen playing the piano when it’s shown that he was the mysterious caller behind Luke’s attempted murder. But that’s not all, as he is holding a bloody person captive right in his apartment, showing that Sebastian isn’t as pure as he’s been acting to be.

Were you surprised that Raphael turned down Isabelle? Is it only a matter of time before they get back together? Or will Sebastian make a play for Isabelle instead? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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