Big Brother 16 is less than one week away and “the most twisted season ever” features 16 brand-new houseguests. That’s right, there are no returning players and, just as importantly, no relatives of former players.

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The new season will be quite complicated for the crop of newbies as there will be two HoHs every week, each nominating two people, as well as a Team America twist and a new competition, the Battle of the Block, which means HoHs aren’t necessarily safe. All of those will be explained in the two-night Move-In event, with eight HGs moving in on Wednesday’s premiere and the other eight on Thursday’s episode.

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I’ve already looked at the videos for the men of Big Brother 16, so now it’s the ladies’ turn. There’s a DJ, a minister, a barista and the name of a new alliance (El Quatro).

Amber Borzotra

She’s from Tennessee (and she sounds like it) and she’s a model. She wants to form a girl alliance, but unless the house is full of sorority girls, that won’t happen. She thinks people underestimate her, but I think my low estimation of her is justified.

Brittany Martinez

She’s a 29-year-old California event coordinator. She has three kids and is going to miss hashtagging. The worst part is her admission that she’s not a fan. Ugh, that means she’s one of those producer-chosen people who doesn’t understand the game. I want her evicted ASAP based solely on that (and the fact that her look and careful speaking style remind me of Elissa).

Christine Brecht

She’s an Arizona barista, a super fan who watches the live feeds and a player of board games. I really like her.

Jocasta Odom

She’s a Georgia minister and, at 33, she’s the oldest woman this season (and the only one not in her 20s). She’s really outgoing, but I never really root for the HGs who talk a lot about God.

Joey Van Pelt

She’s a 27-year-old make-up artist from Seattle who loves the ladies (but she’s not a lesbian). Maybe it’s because I too am a Seattle resident, but I like her a lot.

Nicole Franzel

At 21, she and surfer dude Hayden are tied for the youngest of the season. Despite being so young, she’s a super fan who watches the live feeds. That’s the easiest way to make me love an HG. She seems like a smarter version of season 11 winner Jordan Lloyd who will be underestimated.

Paola Shea

She’s a DJ who was also in Maxim. The fact that she wants a four-person, all-girl alliance (El Quatro) means she won’t win the game, because that NEVER works out. Forming an all-girl alliance on Big Brother is like creating a perpetual motion machine. She kind of reminds me of a cross between Jenn City and JoJo from season 14.

Victoria Rafaeli

She’s a 22-year-old Miami photographer who thinks girls are mean. She makes very little impression on me, but if I had to bet money on which girl gets into the first fight of the season, it’d be her.

As for my first impressions, I think these women are evenly divided into four I don’t like and four I do. I know I said an all-girl alliance is impossible, but if Paola can recruit Christine, Nicole and Joey into El Quatro, it just might be unstoppable (though I think replacing Nicole with Frankie seems more likely to happen). Still, those are my four favorites, with Amber, Brittany, Jocasta and Victoria being of no real interest to me.

Big Brother 16 premieres with a two-night Move-In event on Wednesday, June 25 at 8pm and Thursday, June 26 at 9pm on CBS.

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