We are off to Atlanta for the final set of auditions, So You Think You Can Dance fans!  So who will impress our favorite judges enough to get a callback ticket to Los Angeles?

Our So You Think You Can Dance resident judges, Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy, are joined by guest judges actress and dancer Jenna Dewan-Tatum and  dancer Charles “Lil Buck” Riley.

Which dancers will shine during this final audition round? Get ready to find out! First up, dancer Charles “Lil Buck” Riley takes a seat at the judge’s table.

Which Women from Atlanta Are Going to Callbacks?

Mariah Reives: This 18 year-old jazz dancer from Sanford, North Carolina earns a standing ovation from all three judges. Her routine was sassy and fun and showcased her personality.

Kelly MacCoy: Kelly is an 18 year-old jazz dancer from Cincinnati, Ohio. Her routine emphasizes her physical strength and she wins her ticket to the next round.

Marissa Milele: Marissa made it to the Green Mile last season. This 18 year-old Nashville, Tennessee resident wows the judges with her strength and powerful moves. I am exhausted just watching! Nigel is impressed and calls her a “beast.” Marissa is on her way to callbacks.

Elaine Kimble: This 26 year-old contemporary dancer from Kansas City, Missouri has been through a lot in her life, including her mother’s stroke which left her mother mentally handicapped and partially paralyzed. Elaine suffers from the same heart defect as her mother. Mary and Jenna believe that Elaine played it safe with her performance, and she is sent on to choreography. She does well and advances to the next round.

Angelina Granitz: Angelina is an 18 year-old dancer from Florida who is inspired by her older brother. She shakes off her nerves and gives a wonderful contemporary performance and obtains her ticket to callbacks.

Cristina Moya-Palacids: This 18 year-old dancer from Miami, Florida is also inspired by her brother, and the health issues that he has survived. She delivers a stunning contemporary performance which causes the judges to issue no comments –just a ticket to the next round.

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Which Men from Atlanta Are Going to Callbacks?

Erik “Silky” Moore: Erik auditioned for the show twice previously as a tapper, but this time the 24 year-old is a hip-hop dancer. His routine is freestyle and based upon a relative who was in an insane asylum. Nigel interrupts the routine to ask a question after Silky begins screaming during the beginning of the dance. Nigel is won over at the end of the dance, and Silky secures his ticket to callbacks.

Christopher “Mr. Strange” Griffin: This 25 year-old dancer from Atlanta is one of the founding members of Dragon House. Season 9’s Cyrus was a Dragon House crew member and made it to the finale, while BluPrint competed in season 10. His animation routine is incredibly entertaining, and he continues Dragon House’s legacy as he gets a ticket to the next round.

Conrad Dechabert:  He auditioned last season and was told by the judges that he was a feminine dancer. This dancer from Louisville, Kentucky returns in hopes of showcasing a more masculine style of dance. He succeeds and wins a ticket to the L.A. callbacks.

Ricky Ubeda: This 18 year-old dancer hails from Miami, Florida. His contemporary piece is about thanking his mother for all that she has done for him. His technique is amazing, and Mary puts him on the hot tamale train. He easily wins a ticket to callbacks.

Which Men from Atlanta Are NOT Going to Callbacks?

Taveaus “Dynamic” Woods: This 18 year old hip-hop dancer’s best friend is familiar to So You Think You Can Dance viewers: Fik-Shun, who was last season’s champ. Taveaus is complimented on his glides, but is sent to the choreography round to demonstrate his abilities in other styles of dance. After an awkward performance, Taveaus is sent home without a ticket.

Branden “Sideshow” Feimster: He is another member of the Dragon House crew who is from Detroit, Michegan.  Branden specializes in funk-style pop and locking instead of animation. When Nigel tells Branden that his performance wasn’t traditional pop and locking like Branden stated, the audition takes a nasty turn. Nigel refuses to put Branden through to choreography after his rudeness. The entire Dragon House crew apologizes for Sideshow, while Sideshow vows to return next year. Yikes!

Brandon “Crazy Legz” Jacobs: Cranking is an Atlanta form of street dancing, and Brandon’s performance is interesting and fun. He advances to choreography, but does not receive a ticket.

Jerrod Swain: This 25 year-old is very laid back, one might even say tranquil. He dances a blend of ATL cranking and popping. He also has his eye on a lovely lady at the judging table – one Miss Mary! His 4 year-old son, Kobe, steals the spotlight, and his Dad’s thunder. Jerrod makes it to the choreography round, but fails to impress and his journey ends.

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Dance Crews

Justin Bieber is back for the final time, along with choreographer Nick Demoura, to show off two more dance crews competing for your Twitter votes, and a chance to perform on the So You Think You Can Dance finale.

Jungle Boogie: This Atlanta based crew performs cranking. You can vote for them at #SYTYCDboogie.

Control Freakz: This crew specializes in popping and locking. You can vote for them at #SYTYCDfreakz.

Next time we see who will survive the next round of competition!

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