There was the usual amount of guy drama on the fifth episode of The Bachelorette, but Andi did walk away from the week having strengthened her relationships with a few of the men.

In her blog, Andi has high praise for her incredible date with Josh, plus she and Chris Harrison express thoughts on the Nick situation and the awkward 1-on-1 with Brian.

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Cast Blogs

Andi Dorfman on her date with Josh: “I enjoyed the fact that both Josh and I were willing to open up about our past relationships, especially when it came to our insecurities regarding faithfulness. I think it was something that Josh and I bonded over.”

Chris Harrison on the drama with Nick: “The guys have had a problem with Nick for a little while now. For some reason he just rubs some of them the wrong way. I’ve seen this before on the show. Either Nick is just too arrogant and shoves his successes in everyone’s faces, or there’s just a little bit of jealousy towards someone that’s clearly getting attention from Andi. Either way, he’s not the most popular with the guys and this isn’t over yet.”

Andi Dorfman on cooking with Brian:
“Let’s just say it was far from hot in that kitchen. The frog legs did not turn out well at all. In fact, Brian and I ended up playing with the frog legs and flipping them in the air. It was hilarious! Even though Brian and I were lacking chemistry while we were cooking, I wanted to give Brian the rose because I knew that the Brian that kissed me in Connecticut was still in there.”

Andi Quits Her Job

In other Bachelorette news, it is being reported that Andi has quit her job as an attorney for the Fulton County district attorney’s office.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Andi’s leave of absence from her position ended on May 31, and the star of The Bachelorette has chosen not to return.

Seems like a smart move. Why keep a respected and prestigious career when there are plenty of short-lived gigs like hosting segments on entertainment shows and appearing on more reality shows like Couples Therapy (ahem, Juan Pablo and Nikki)?

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Des and Chris Update

Finally, will wedding bells be ringing this summer for former Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock and her fiance Chris Siegfried?

Supposedly the wedding will take place sometime this summer, possibly at a vineyard. Desiree will be wearing two dresses that she is co-designing with Maggie Sottero, according to Fashion & Style.

Recent tweets from Des and Chris allude to the fact that not only are they preparing to wed, but they also are moving into a new home.

Chris tweeted “Moving is FUN – said no one ever” on Sunday.

Then on Monday Des tweeted “@ChrisRSiegfried & I {vs} Moving Day. Moving won. #stillhurting #theworst.”

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