This week’s Glee premiere is all about the Beatles. And even though there are a whopping eight songs featured in the season 5 opener, they’ve still got to fit in storylines somewhere, right? We already know Artie might have a new love interest, but what about Rachel and Sue? FOX has released two new clips from “Love Love Love” to answer that very question.

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In the first, Rachel has her callback for the role of Fanny Brice in the Broadway musical Funny Girl. Does she nail it? Watch the clip below to find out:

The scene for the callback ends abruptly, and all the director says is, “Thank you, Rachel. That was lovely. … All we needed to see.” She’s feeling very dejected afterwards, of course. But I’m not really feeling her audition. She seems to be speaking really fast — is that just part of the way she’s playing the character? Is it actually how Fanny Brice talks in Funny Girl? I’m not familiar with either the musical or the movie, so maybe someone can enlighten me a little in the comments.

But before we move on, did you notice that Twilight‘s Peter Facinelli is playing the director? And that’s Ringer‘s Ioan Gruffudd whom Lea Michele is acting opposite.

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In the second clip, get ready for Sue Sylvester’s comeback! Apparently, Becky confessed about what really happened with the gun that went off at McKinley last season, and as Sue says in the video, “The school begged me to return.” But her return is more than meets the eye — there’s a big twist at the end: 

So Becky only received a month-long suspension and Sue is now the principal at McKinley. Yep, sounds about right — this is Glee, after all. We all know this show isn’t the most realistic at times, especially when it comes to Sue and what she’s allowed to get away with. I’m really curious to find out why Figgins isn’t in charge anymore.

Are you glad the show is making Rachel’s Broadway storyline realistic by presenting her with hurdles instead of giving her easy passes up the ladder? And what do you think of Sue as principal?

Glee season 5 premieres Thursday, September 26 at 9pm on FOX.

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