In the season 2 finale of Homeland, the George Bush Center for Intelligence was devastated when a bomb in Brody’s car exploded killing over 450 people. Season 3 will pick up months after the bombing with Saul in charge of the CIA, Brody on the Most Wanted List as the suspected bomber, and Carrie struggling with what happened.

Showtime has released a comprehensive look at what happened after the bombing at the CIA headquarters. The coverage includes the Homeland Aftermath: The 12/12 Bombing website page and 9-minute segment from the fictional news organization CNB. These Homeland extras help provide the tone and feelings of anguish that linger both at the CIA and in the country as a whole when the season 3 picks up.

The website provides elaborate coverage of the bombing. There’s a CNB breaking news segment, personal statements and social media coverage from 12/12, a diagram of the bombing scene, a detailed timeline before and after the attack, and much more.

Check out the documentary Homeland Aftermath: The 12/12 Bombing

The documentary includes interviews with 12/12 Bombing survivors, rescuers and investigators from the bombing. The news coverage also provides a breakdown of the evidence against Congressman Nicholas Brody from the scene.

In addition, Al Qaeda released the confession tape that Brody made before he planned on killing the Vice President with a suicide bomb vest. They repurposed that confession to place blame on him for the 12/12 Bombing. Al Qaeda also released another statement taking responsibility for the bombing. 

The bombing has been used as proof that terrorist plots and threats go beyond Abu Nazir. The threat is not only exterior, but inside the country as well. The domestic terrorists have included Nicholas Brody, but also Aileen Morgan.

“I waved them through the front gate. Brody. I waved him in,” recounts the security guard.

This coverage provides a bridge between the Homeland season 2 finale and the season 3 premiere.

Homeland season 3 premieres on Sunday, September 29 at 9 pm ET on Showtime.

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(Image and video courtesy of Showtime.)

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