It’s a very special day in the Big Brother 18 house as Monday, July 11 is Zakiyah’s 25th birthday. Even though she’s locked away from friends and family, she still got one heck of a present.

As midnight approached Sunday night, everyone decided to celebrate Zakiyah’s birthday with a special gift. Four of the men (Corey, James, Paul and Paulie) planned a little Magic Mike-style dance routine for all of the ladies in the house (minus Bridgette, who was upstairs with Frank the whole time).

After their routine, Paulie brought out a chair for the birthday girl and proceeded to give Zakiyah a sexy lap dance. She was a little embarrassed, but everyone had a great time.

This is nothing new for the Calafiore brothers. Back in season 16, Paulie’s brother Cody also did a strip tease to cheer up Jocasta when she was sick. In fact, that also took place in week 3 after the Power of Veto competition, as Cody was dressed in his hosting costume (a black vest with no shirt).

As an added bonus, while casual viewers may not have picked up on Paulie’s catchphrase, the Internet has. Check out this video montage type thing.

(Image and videos courtesy of CBS)

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