It’s very clear that Paulie wants to backdoor Victor this week on Big Brother 18. Did he get the chance at the Power of Veto ceremony and were there any fireworks inside the house on the Fourth of July?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 18 spoilers.

Paulie won the Power of Veto.

He used it to save Paul. Victor is the replacement nominee.

The backdoor worked out and the whole house seems to be on board with evicting Victor. It should be a pretty easy vote, possibly unanimous.

Afterwards, Victor seemed somewhat resigned. He talked to Paul about trying to target Tiffany, but he knows there’s really nothing else he could’ve done and if Paulie isn’t on his side now, he probably can’t do anything to change that.

It’s mostly been a quiet weekend in the house as everyone is planning for the future. Tiffany tried to form a bridge between the Spy Girls and the Fatal 5 to create some type of 8-girl super alliance, but that doesn’t seem to be something the rest of the Fatal 5 is interested in at all.

Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Nicole and Michelle are getting very close as a quartet, with Da’Vonne talking to herself about how Frank is the biggest threat in the game and she needs to take him out sooner rather than later if she wants to win. However, Da’Vonne is also telling Frank that Tiffany wants to take him out before they reach jury, so I have no idea what her endgame is.

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