Bridgette is the HoH on Big Brother 18, a bit of a reversal of fortune as she’s been on the outside. But it’s also more of the same since it means her entire team, with Frank, Paulie and Michelle, are completely safe for a second week in a row. So who did she nominate?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 18 spoilers.

Bridgette nominated Tiffany and Paul.

Really, I should write that Frank nominated them since Bridgette is his puppet and that’s exactly what he wanted her to do. She originally mentioned putting up Nicole and Corey, but Frank didn’t allow that to happen and Bridgette just did whatever he said. Tiffany talked to her briefly about trying to work with all the girls, but Bridgette immediately told Frank everything.

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Frank is telling most of the 8Pack that they need to win Road Kill and nominate Bronte or Natalie, but he told James that, if Tiffany wins the PoV, they might want to take a shot at Corey since he and Paulie need to go soon because they’re big physical threats. However, James proved his true loyalty by telling Nicole and Corey about it.

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Frank’s primary target is definitely Tiffany and the alliance seems to be OK with just taking her out now and focusing on Frank next week, though it’s not clear if they’d do that if they can get Bronte on the block. However, it seems that Paulie would rather keep Paul for a while and James is definitely smitten with Natalie, so Bronte is the only real alternative to taking out Tiffany this week.


-Paul is only the second HG to be nominated for the first three weeks in a row. The other was Johnny Mac last year, who was nominated for the first four weeks.

-Tiffany has now been nominated twice. Last year, her sister Vanessa was only nominated two times all season.

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