On Big Brother 18, Frank is safe this week by virtue of his team member Bridgette winning HoH. But he’s still the main topic of conversation because of a lot of personal things that have been boiling for a while.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 18 spoilers.

Frank’s behavior has been annoying some of the women in the house for a while, with his disrespectful, joking way of talking to them, his constant flatulence and the fact that he regularly swats their butts (though he thinks that’s just being playful).

Things really hit the fan after Thursday’s live eviction. Frank was once again “joking” with Da’Vonne, calling her a “slut” and telling her to “Shut your damn mouth, woman.” She understandably got upset and he also continued to swat her butt.

This drove Da’Vonne into a crying frenzy. Surrounded by Nicole, Michelle and Zakiyah, she vented about how close she was to slapping Frank in the face, but she’s trying not to be the confrontational player she was last season. She cried a lot and went into the diary room to vent so she didn’t explode on Frank.

If you want to watch it unfold on the live feeds, go to 1:28am PT on cameras 3 and 4. Offscreen you hear a loud slap and Da’Vonne shouting “Stop hitting me on my ass, Frank!” He laughs and says “She’s not serious.” She goes into the Have-Not room and that’s when all the crying and anger kicked off.

Even the guys on the 8Pack are now against Frank. Corey and Paulie want to evict him before the jury and James vented to Natalie about how he doesn’t like men who disrespect women. She seems to be on their side, but Bridgette and Bronte aren’t really aware of the general negative feelings people have for Frank. It’s turning ugly and personal with the level of disgust many of these HGs have for Frank.

Throughout all of this, Frank is oblivious. He thinks Da’Vonne was just having a bad moment and it’s nothing serious. He thinks he’s just a practical joker and it will all blow over. He even recognizes that he frequently swats the women’s butts, but doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with it.

Part of the problem is that all of the women are either avoiding him or walking on eggshells around him, not confronting him about his behavior. They don’t want it to affect their games, but it’s getting harder for them to stomach. Da’Vonne’s primary concern is her daughter. She does’t want to set a bad example by making her think women shouldn’t speak up when men do these kinds of things.

Paulie took Frank aside to tell him not to slap women’s butts (as if that’s something that needs to be said), but didn’t really go into how upset Da’Vonne was.

Will any of this be televised? Will Frank’s behavior continue and the animosity against him grow, or will he adjust the way he acts with the women in the house? Only time will tell.

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