The Bachelor is treating fans to a two-night event beginning Sunday, February 15 at 8pm and then returning on Monday, February 16 at 8pm on ABC. The special event includes the hometown episode, a Chris Soules tell-all special and the return of Kelsey Poe.

Warning: This article may contain spoilers!

The competition heats up on The Bachelor with only seven women left in the running. Who’s falling in love? Who’s cracking under pressure? And who comes clean about a Playboy past? Watch the clip to find out!

Here are the highlights:

  • Chris is seen kissing A LOT of women.
  • Chris admits he’s falling in love with… multiple women. 
  • Chris will be facing the remaining seven girls at the rose ceremony in Deadwood. 
  • Chris announces they are going to Arlington.
  • Chris ponders whether these girls can really see themselves living in Iowa.
  • One of the girls can’t picture herself living in Iowa but will she tell Chris?
  • Britt breaks down and cries a lot. 
  • Britt is apparently cracking under pressure.
  • “It’s fun to watch her squirm.”-Carly
  • The hometown episode kicks off on Monday.
  • Jade admits that she posed nude for Playboy.
  • Chris has a tell-all special with host Chris Harrison.
  • Chris is expected to reveal his favorite moments we didn’t get to see and shares what actually happened on the controversial two-on-one date.
  • Kelsey returns to tells her side of the story.
  • Kelsey calls someone “a fake evil person.”
  • According to Kelsey, there’s going to be crucifixion on the Women Tell All

Meanwhile, Chris Harrison reveals the purpose of the Chris Soules’ tell-all is to give him the chance to explain some of his questionable decisions this season. 

“So we sit down with Chris and have a heart to heart with him,” Harrison tells E!Online. “He’s pulled some things that I think we need to go over with him. For example, you completely sold Ashley out to Kelsey, who does that? Why? And there are some other questions about kissing everybody or treating  Brit differently that I think deserve explanation. So they kind of let me go after Chris a little. I mean I love the guy. He’s a good friend. And that was all respectfully done. But it was nice to have a candid interview to set up the rest of the show.”

Surprisingly, Kelsey Poe, who was eliminated during the two-on-one date with Ashley, is expected to appear during the two-night special for an interview Harrison. Eliminated constants usually get to share their side of the story during the Women Tell All special but Harrison explains why Kelsey is an exception.

“It was very relevant, shot a week and a half or two weeks, we sat down at the mansion,” Harrison said of Kelsey’s interview. “I can’t remember anyone who was that controversial that we’ve been able to bring back and talk to immediately after her departure, and ask what was her perspective of the whole thing. And I’m kind of glad we did it this way. I hope she’ll come to Women Tell All. I know she’ll get the invite and she would be great, but I wanted her alone at first. Because at Women Tell All, there’s going to be so many opinions, and so many people wanting to talk, and a whole audience. It’s just a different environment. I kind of wanted to question her in a more intimate setting.”

Asked if viewers’ perception of Kelsey will chance after watching her interview, Harrison simply said “no.”

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Dean Bextor

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