What started off as a fun mixer for the friends of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ladies to meet one another has turned into a bleak fight between sisters (and Brandi) that’s drudging up all kinds of bad feelings. And the party’s not even over yet!

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Messy Mixer

After Kyle gives Kim the double bird and an “eff you,” Kim is left crying at her table at the start of this episode, titled “Sister Act.” Brandi tells her it’s time to go after her friend Mark overhears Kyle saying, “Are they still here? Why don’t they just leave?”

Kyle talks to Lisa Vanderpump, Lisa Rinna and Eileen about what just happened. She’s still upset and she says Brandi is just a mean girl for whatever reason that’s coming between her and her sister. Lisa Vanderpump tries to tell her that this is exactly how she felt last year, but Kyle snaps at her, telling her it’s not all about her. And with that, my sympathy for Kyle went out the window. She’s such a rude drama queen.

Lisa Rinna says that there is something going on with Kim. She doesn’t say she’s drinking again, but she says her problem is that she’s an addict. Everyone else bristles at the word “addict,” but Lisa Rinna says it’s time they stopped enabling Kim by pretending it isn’t an issue.

At another restaurant, Kim commiserates with Brandi and Mark. Kim says she’s really hurt by her sister’s behavior and she really doesn’t “understand her envy.” I’m not sure what Kim has that Kyle could possibly be jealous of. Brandi does apologize for things going wrong, but she wants to “be there” for Kim and that means having her back, even against her sister.

The Burbank Film Festival

Brandi has comedian Heather McDonald on her podcast the next day. She says her podcast is an outlet for her, so she’ll never apologize for saying something that offends people. Just like she’ll never apologize to Kyle because she knows she’s right about Kim.

Kyle and the Lisas get all dressed up and take a limo to the Burbank Film Festival. Eileen met the writer/director of her new movie when she first started acting when she was 21.

Kyle says she hasn’t spoken to Kim since her mixer. Lisa Rinna is trying to understand why Brandi feels the need to interfere and Kyle thinks it’s because she’s so angry. Lisa Vanderpump says it’s hard for Brandi to see other people happy. Lisa Rinna thinks it’s all about attention.

Apparently, the Burbank Film Festival is at a mall movie theater, which doesn’t impress the likes of Kyle Richards, who is looking for Brad and Angelina, or Lisa Vanderpump, who “fancies a glass of wine.” Lisa Rinna, though, seems right at home when she brings them all to the concessions stand for hot dogs.

Eileen’s movie, Stranger at the Pentagon, is a science-fiction B-movie. The other ladies don’t really know what to make of it, but they all tell her how beautiful she looked in it.

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Friends Intervening

Brandi goes over to Yolanda’s to do yoga with a sexy trainer. Yolanda wants to help Brandi get rid of her negative energy because popping pills isn’t a solution. Yolanda does her best to be non-confrontational and a good friend to Brandi by telling her she’s concerned about her aggressive behavior. Yolanda says she’s not accusing her of being an alcoholic, but she wants Brandi to know that if she ever felt she had a problem, she could come to her.

Brandi immediately gets defensive. She does what Brandi normally does and hits below the belt by accusing Yolanda’s 17-year-old daughter of being an alcoholic. Yolanda tells her that she’s doing exactly what the other women are accusing her of right now, and there’s no need to make this personal about Yolanda or her daughter. Brandi just basically tells her to back off and that she’ll do whatever she wants to do.

Lisa meets Pandora at a local market to set up the display for Lisa’s new sangria. They talk about Max asking questions about his birth family and Pandora gets very emotional. She doesn’t want to share Max with anyone else, but Lisa tells her they need to support whatever he wants to do.

When Max comes over to Lisa’s with the results of his heritage test, he admits it’s a little weird seeing the name he was born with. But he’s happy to find out a bit about his heritage. (He’s Scandinavian and Irish.) He says he’s not ready to meet his birth mother yet, though. He’s happy with where he’s ended up and that’s that. Lisa is relieved for now, but she’ll support any of his decisions for the future because she knows she’ll always be his mother.

Eileen has planned a lunch for Kim and Kyle to sit down and have lunch while she mediates. She lost two of her sisters, one in the last few months, and she doesn’t want Kim and Kyle to let anything (or anyone) come between them.

Kim starts things off by saying that no matter what, she loves her sister. Kyle says the same, but she still looks ticked. Kim says Brandi doesn’t realize how often Kyle has been there for her at times, but there are still things that Kyle has done to hurt Kim that she’s still holding on to.

Kyle says she’s concerned for Kim because she has shared too much personal information with Brandi, who can’t be trusted. She gets upset when Kim thinks that she has anything but good intentions because she’s only ever wanted to help her.

Kim says she’s just so hurt by Kyle, but Kyle says she’s hurting too because of the things Brandi said to her. Kim says she didn’t hear any of the bad things Brandi said and Kyle thinks that’s all too convenient. They don’t seem to resolve things at the lunch. Kim seems frustrated and feels like Kyle isn’t listening to her, and Kyle just seems fed-up with Kim as usual. So not a successful lunch outing for the Richards sisters.

Lisa Rinna and Brandi meet for lunch after Brandi has Lisa on her podcast. Lisa wants to be honest with Brandi and she tells her that the other girls says she’s mean. Brandi says she’s not mean, but she has a temper, and when people hit her, she hits back below the belt. At least she acknowledges this, I guess?

The subject turns to Kim, and Brandi basically admits that she’s friends with Kim because she feels bad for her. She doesn’t want to change who she is to be friends with Kim, but she doesn’t want to abandon her. Lisa wonders why they all tap dance around helping Kim with her addiction. Lisa wants to do something but isn’t sure how to go about it since it isn’t exactly her business. Brandi suggests talking to Kyle or perhaps arranging a group therapy session where they wouldn’t have to single Kim’s issues out. I know Lisa is concerned for Kim, but it does seem like she might be crossing a line as far as Kim is concerned.

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