Chris Soules finally got rid of two of the most controversial contestants on The Bachelor season 19 but not before treating fans to what was perhaps the most awkward date on in Bachelor history. In a nut shell, the two-one-one date involved Ashley selling out Kelsey to Chris, Chris selling out Ashley to Kelsey, a lot of confrontation and a lot of crying, a deadly stare and the elimination of both girls. The two-on-one date not surprisingly drew plenty of attention from Bachelor Nation but Monday’s episode also resulted to several entertaining and hilarious posts on social media. Here are some of the reactions:

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Chris Soules: “I felt like me sitting in between them was the only thing keeping the girls from strangling each other. What some of you might not know is that the ride was two hours. TWO HOURS. And it was hot in there! Do you know how long two hours is when you’re stuck in a hot chopper with two women who really really, really don’t like each other? I didn’t know how to handle the situation because I felt like if I even looked at one of the girls longer than the other, crazy jealousy would ensue, and this two-on-one date would turn into a dramatic wrestling match between two women, resulting in a chopper crash in the Badlands with me in it. Therefore, I spent the majority of the time not looking at, or touching, either of the girls in order to ensure the safety of all who were aboard this steamy chopper full of hate.” 

Chris Harrison: “The reaction of the women back in Deadwood when they knew Kelsey was gone was unlike anything I’ve seen on this show. They literally threw a party to celebrate her departure. I can say with authority that this was truly the most dramatic two-on-one date in The Bachelor history.” 

Clare Crawley: “I was going [to] tweet thoughts on the show. But after that…. I’m speechless.” 

Andi Dorfman: “And just like that @C_Soules makes it so that no 2-on-1 date can ever be beat. Complete with a chopper exit and poppin bottles.” 

Jillian Harris: “Lets be honest people, do you think he was going to pick either girl? From the moment I saw who was on that date I knew eventually … they were both going home… But that date, heart breaks aside, was probably one of the BEST moments on bachelor TV … for television of course. I mean, the badlands, the way Chris had to leave the girls, the tension between them, the fight between Ashely and Chris … omg it was just unreal.”

Nick Viall: “I could handle Ashely crazy, hell it would at least be entertaining. Kelsey crazy, not much I wouldn’t do to avoid that…  Kelsey maybe smart, articulate, and blah blah blah…but she certainly lacks self-awareness… On the flip side Kelsey’s ability to be incredibly condescending is astounding… Kelsey’s laugh still scares meI’m learning to greatly appreciate Ashley’s amazing animated expressions.” 

Sean Lowe:I bet it’s hard to keep Ashley’s eyelids open… Ashley’s head jewelry will lead to her demise…  Guys leave Kelsey alone. She just needs a little guidance and maybe some counseling… Her maniacal plan is so crazy it’s genius… Girls like Kelsey are why people think the show is staged.” 


Meanwhile, Jimmy Kimmel also weighed in on Monday’s episode and even shared Ashley’s thoughts about the tension-filled two-on-one. Watch the clip to find out more:

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