With the NCIS Season 11 premiere still weeks away, CBS has released a brand-new preview video that is both heart-breaking and intriguing. It’s time to watch the video and break down each and every moment of it to find all of its hidden messages about the upcoming season and Ziva’s departure from the show. 

I’m going to take bets right now and say that the season premiere for NCIS Season 11 is probably one of the most anticipated season premieres that this show has ever had. Once the news broke that Cote de Pablo was leaving the show, the focus quickly switched from “how will Gibbs and the team get out of the mess they are in?” to “how will Ziva leave?????”

CBS released a new preview video for NCIS Season 11 yesterday and since then fans have been watching it frame by frame to try and figure out exactly what all of the images in it mean. 

And by “fans” I mean me. 

Take a look at the video below:

Now, let’s break it down, shall we?

The Music

Okay, so first off, as soon as the video starts, you hear the music and you just know that it’s going to break your heart. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find the name of the song or the artist used, but if you know it feel free to post in the comments below so that all the “fans” (again, I mean me) can run out there and listen to it over and over again while curled up in a ball of angst. 

Danger, Ziva David, Danger!

Underneath all of the melancholy music, there is a lot of action in the preview. It shows a number of people in danger – most notably Tony. We also hear Vance’s voice ringing out the ominous line, “Someone’s trying to wipe out my team!” There are images of explosions, glass shattering, Tony ducking, somebody (could that be Gibbs?? I’ve paused it a number of times and I can’t tell) shooting two guns. 

But though we see Tony in danger, it’s what we hear that is more disturbing. Vance asks “Who is the next target?” and the reply is “Ziva David.” Now, we’ve pretty much been promised by executive producer Gary Glasberg that Ziva die (at least that’s how I chose to interpret what he said in our latest batch of spoilers), but could it mean that someone else is in danger?

Tiva Moments Galore

Fans of “Tiva” (aka those who want Tony and Ziva to end up as a couple), are going to have a field day with this video as it is just chock full of Tiva moments. In the beginning of the video, we hear Tony plead,  “Talk to me Ziva. Where are you?” before Gibbs orders, “Find her. Make sure she’s okay.”

We then see Tony getting off a plane, while we hear Ziva saying: “Don’t worry, Tony, you’re going to be okay.” 

Then, we see Tony and Ziva in what appears to be a grove of some kind. He’s got a beard, she’s got her hands on his face and they are looking deep into each other’s eyes. It looks like we could be seeing Tony and Ziva’s final goodbye before she leaves (for reasons I can’t fathom yet) and she is reassuring him that he will be okay without her. 

Why the beard? I can only guess that it took Tony a while to find Ziva and he just let it grow. Or maybe he went undercover. Or maybe it’s just because he gave up his badge and decided to let it grow out. 

I could probably speculate about this preview and come up with theories all day, but I’m curious to find out what you guys think about it. What do you think all of the messages in the NCIS Season 11 preview video mean?

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Michelle Carlbert

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV