Enough looking forward to what promises to be one of the best Bones seasons ever, right? Well, it feels stupid to even make that ridiculous statement – ‘best season ever’ – because how, in the name of all invertebrates, will the Bones fairies ever top Season 9? Bueller, Bueller, anyone? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

It’s that time of year when Boneheads are rifling through their DVD collections trying to decide which season to re-watch for the millionth time while waiting for a torturous summer hiatus to end and the next season to debut. But, whoops! Something is missing from our Bones DVD collection and it was one of the best seasons of all. See, there I go again hyperbolizing and making it sound like season 9 was a really big deal. In my defense, the wedding season really was a pretty effing kick ass season. Like a fine wine, our Bones is. But before we delve into the 191st episode and the tenth season, we really do need to look back at Bones season 9 and savor it.

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The Season 9 DVD is the Ultimate Bones Savoring Tool

Or, as Brennan might call it a ‘celebratory aide’. September 16 (nine days before the fall season 10 premiere) Bones: The Complete Ninth Season Till Death Do Us Part Edition DVD hits the streets. That means you’ll have nine days to watch over 18 hours of DVD Bones-y goodness before Brennan gets Booth out of jail. Here’s the best part though: this DVD includes approximately 65 minutes of footage that no one in the consumer universe has ever seen. 

DVD BoxLG.jpg

How about seeing some of that never-before-seen footage now? 

Exclusive Clip: Missing ‘Mr. Polygraph’ Scene from “The Heiress in the Hill”

The set-up: the case is pretty much irrelevant as set-up for this scene because it’s all about the subplot of Booth trying to get Brennan to agree to allow Christine to go to Catholic mass with him every Sunday morning. This particular scene which ended up on the cutting room floor (and now on the season 9 DVD) is from the middle of the episode where Dr. Sweets attempts to counsel Booth on how to talk to Brennan on the matter of Christine attending mass. Check it out:

What Other Goodies Come with the Till Death Do Us Part Edition?

The remaining 63.5 minutes of extra footage include lots more deleted scenes and the always popular gag reels of prop mishaps and actors screwing up or forgetting lines, making faces, swearing like sailors and dancing/laughing at themselves/laughing at their fellow cast members. It’s a pretty good time, folks. 

What else? There’s a featurette entitled “Walking Down The Aisle Bones Style,” commentary on the episode “The Woman in White,” and footage of Bones at Comic-Con 2013. 

Take A walk Down Jeffersonian Memory Lane 

In case you’ve forgotten the finer details of the wonderfulness that is Bones season 9 and you’re not convinced you need to add this DVD to your collection, you need to be reminded that of the 43 Sweetest Things Booth Ever Said to Brennan, a third of them were during season 9. Remember also that of the 43 Sweetest Things Brennan Ever Said to Booth, one quarter of those were also during season 9 … including those amaze-balls marriage vows! And if you need a further reminder of all the good stuff of the last season, take a look at this from FOX: 

You can get Bones: The Complete Ninth Season DVD just about anywhere DVDs are sold starting September 16 or pre-order online. And then we’ll see y’all back here on September 25 for the premiere, “The Conspiracy in the Corpse,” when I will be your exclusive BuddyTV recapper. 

Bones returns Thursdays at 8pm on September 25 on FOX.

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