It’s official. Summer has officially ended, and now it’s time to face the perils of high school. Not only do you have to deal with homework and teachers, but you also need to figure out a way to face that lunch table of mean girls, who might not appreciate the fact that your sense of humor is a little – well – off. These select shows can remind you that people have survived, and even thrived, by having the same quirky gene that you do.

Thankfully, Amazon Prime Instant Video offers a bunch of programs (including all the titles listed below) that you can watch for free with a subscription that will help you cope with the stress of being a teen. If you’re not already an Amazon Prime member, BuddyTV is offering a 30 day risk-free trial to readers. You can sign up here>>>

Embrace Your Snark with Daria

Daria started out as a spinoff of Beavis and Butthead, and slowly became its own amazing creation. Not only does the monotoned Daria Morgendorffer deal with the hassles of being extremely smart, but she has to battle a family that often doesn’t truly give her the attention she deserves. If you’ve ever struggled with the fear that contacts will make you vain, or that your gym class was just a cheerleader practice in disguise, you’ll fall in love with this quippy show exclusively found on Amazon Prime. 

Become a Hero, with Buffy the Vampire Slayer 


Good news, Buffy fans. All seven seasons of this fantastic show are available to watch now. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Buffy, let me tell you. It’ll suck you in. Buffy Summers will be your new hero, and issues such as forgetting to buy a 5-subject notebook for your History class (which is the universal sign that you’ll be taking a heck of a lot of notes this year) will seem pretty petty in comparison to slaying vampires and protecting your friends. Willow and Oz will soon be your new Ross and Rachel, with way less “on a break” drama. Plus, it’s nice to remember that unlike Buffy, your high school isn’t located on top of a gateway to demon realms. Score! 

Mend All Of Those Broken Hearts with Veronica Mars


The show that was so popular, that fans made a movie happen! The power of the internet is great – and exclusively through Amazon Prime (note: also located on the internet), you’ll be able to watch all three seasons of this gone-too-soon show. Not only does Veronica have to battle through school, but she has to solve crimes as a private investigator as well. Our hero has to suffer through personal heartbreak, murder, and severe family issues in the first season alone. And she manages it all with little complaint. Veronica Mars is a pretty awesome woman, and proves that smart girls always end up on top. 

Feel Less Awkward With Awkward. 

MTV struck gold when they started airing Awkward. It’s a show that every teen (and young adult, and – well – adult) can relate to. Meet Jenna Hamilton, who everyone assumes tried to commit suicide after receiving a “carefrontation” letter which called her a loser. Jenna is amazing, since she doesn’t let the criticism get her down – instead, she finds ways to boost her own confidence. Jenna suffers from the odd love triangles and hurdles that seem amazing, but are probably truly complicated and dramatic in real life. Are you confused about your feelings towards someone? Do people view you as being depressed, when you’re kind of just doing your own thing? This is your show. It’s also another Amazon Prime exclusive. 

Manage Your Busy Schedule with Teen Wolf


I’m hoping that when Tyler Posey signed on for the lead role, he watched the classic 1985 movie, which bears the same name, a few times to prepare for his human-to-werewolf transformation. Posey plays Scott McCall, an outcast high school student that has the misfortune of being the recipient of a werewolf bite. It might not be too bad, but the object of his affection comes from a long line of werewolf hunters. Yikes! Teen Wolf is best watched during moments when you feel like you really can’t balance your own schedule. 

Learn How to Tame Your Drama with Degrassi: The Next Generation

Canada is amazing for so many reasons, and one of those reasons is bringing Degrassi to light. If you’ve never heard of Degrassi, fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a long ride. The show has about ten billion characters and pretty much every storyline you can imagine out of a show focused around a bunch of teenagers. Amazon Prime will introduce you to The Next Generation, which is 357 episodes of bliss. Even better, this series stars a young Drake, who proves that our favorite stars of today didn’t necessarily have to star in The Mickey Mouse Club to make a name for themselves.

Manage Work, Family, and Friendships With Kenan and Kel

If you’re a child of the 90’s, you’re familiar with Nickelodeon’s All That! This show was like Saturday Night Live for kids. Two of the most popular cast members, Kenan Thompson (who later moved onto SNL and refuses to leave) and Kel Mitchell, got their own spin-off sitcom that aired for 62 episodes, all which are available on Amazon Prime. This show is great for those who have to balance a ho-hum part time job while also trying to balance an active (and unpredictable) social life. If you happen to have an addiction to orange soda, you’ll relate even more. 

Figure Out Your Feelings with Faking It


Faking It was a new addition to MTV this year, but has already gained a lot of great reviews. Thankfully, you can catch the first season on Amazon before the second season airs at the end of this month. The show focuses around two best friends who only seem to gain notoriety after people mistake them for lesbians while attending a high school house party. The ruse helps one of the girls attract the attention she’s looking for, while the other realizes that she might actually be falling for her friend. If you’re also confused about love, or are facing the challenge of figuring out who you’re truly attracted to, this show will be pretty beneficial. 

Overcome Social Pressures with Glee

As Glee wraps up with its final season this year, let’s head back and truly remember how everything started. Face it – whether you love or hate a show, it’s pretty refreshing to have had a sitcom flourish that focused on such an underrated activity. If you feel like you’re being unappreciated by your natural talents (and hey – you should be proud of being a mighty fine yearbook editor) let the cast and the overall success of Glee remind you that being the underdog can truly reap rewards. 

Manage Your Social Schedule With Beverly Hills, 90210


Before there was 90210, there was Beverly Hills, 90210. And boy, did things get messy in that zip code. Beverly Hills, 90210 helped pave the way for shows like Dawson’s Creek and The O.C., so it makes sense to catch the first three seasons if you’re fond of classic teen dramas. Just like Degrassi, the show focuses through a lot of pretty severe issues – not only figuring out who Luke Perry will take to the prom, but focusing on gun violence, harassment, and situations that bring solid friendship into question. If you’re having issues with friends at school, just be happy that you’re not forced to talk to Shannen Doherty every day. (Just kidding, Shannen.)

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