There’s a whole lot of mystery going on in tonight’s episode of Extant. With the season finale exactly a week away, the story is going at full steam with plenty of plot bombs about to go off. Katie is alive and on-board the Seraphim that Molly inadvertently made ‘disappear’ when she entered a code back at the cabin. Ethan is a walking time bomb and we don’t know just how much damage he’ll do when he goes off. Spark’s wife is dead and the offspring is in the wind.

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Katie’s Alive

The biggest game changer (and cliff hanger) was finding out that Katie was alive. Floating in an escape pod for almost two years, she’s rescued by a French space crew and returned to the Seraphim. On-board is Shaun, a guy she was sort of involved with and who took her sudden resurrection a little too well if you ask me. Unfortunately the ships’ communication systems are down and there’s no way to share the news. Not only do they not know how to get it back up but they are way off course — and it’s Molly’s fault.

Remember when Molly was tricked into entering code back at Wimberly Woods? The folks at the ISEA figured out that the Seraphim went off course and essentially disappeared at the same time she entered those numbers. With Sam’s help, Molly remembers what code she puts in and enlists the help of her computer friend, Ben, to figure it out. Since she can’t steer a ship from a remote location, she can tell it that it’s in danger and to react accordingly. The code she put it told the ship that asteroids were in its direct path and it had to steer clear of them. So now it begs the question, why would Sparks want the ship to go off course?

At this point Alan is not talking, thoroughly convinced this baby is the savior of humanity and will not sell it out. Not even the death of his wife would make him spill —but the footage of Katie from the French spacemen that saved her will. Molly tells him that his daughter was alive the whole time and she was aboard the Seraphim. He tells them that he has to get his daughter out of there because the ship is on a crash course to Earth. The offspring said it was necessary but didn’t give a reason why. What’s their best chance of saving it? Molly of course, but she has so much going on on this planet, she’s not sure if going into space right now is a good idea (and I have to agree!).

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Molly’s Boy Is Home

When Molly goes home to tell John what happened, he’s not thoroughly convinced that she’s not going back up to the Seraphim. He picks the perfect time to bring up the fact that she hasn’t been connecting with him or “being there” for him since she returned. Forget the fact she was carrying an alien baby, but he had to let her know that he felt he and Ethan were last in her life. Molly tries to get him to understand the craziness she’s feeling but he storms upstairs. After taking a moment to compose himself, Molly walks in and they try to make up. But when Ethan walks in, he sees his father talking to air and we all know what that means: Molly’s other son is home.

Standing outside the living room window is the offspring we’ve all been waiting to see: a cute curly haired boy with the creepiest looking eyes. Molly spots him and after chasing him into the garage we see that he’s just a scared little boy and is not the one running the show. It’s the others, the ones on their way to Earth who are hungry and need to survive. He’s not strong enough to stop them, but Molly is. He tells her she is the only one who can.

A Ticking Time Bomb

All the manipulative and conniving antics of Odin with Ethan the past few episodes finally come to head. Before he leaves the Woods house, he firmly plants the idea in the robot boy’s head that his parents will probably shut him down because he’s not like other kids. To make sure that “doesn’t happen,” he gives him a special phone that looks a lot like a detonator. All he has to do is press a button and Odin will come running — but only if Ethan is in the lab and is about to be shut down.

Back at the lab, Julie and the gang find the gap in Ethan’s readings (from when Odin shut him down) and wants to investigate. John gets Ethan into the car to take him to the lab and the little boy isn’t cool with that at all. He thinks his end is coming and when they try to run some tests, he adamantly refuses. Julie talks him down, telling him that he’s not just a robot, and his parents would never shut him down. When she asks where he’s getting these ideas from, he tells her that it was Odin and all of those warm gooey feelings she has about him quickly disappear.

The one time she actually proves useful in this whole series, is when she does a little digging into her boyfriend’s past and finds out he was convicted terrorist in London. She goes to his apartment and finds a video. In it is footage of Ethan breaking the rules and then Odin saying that the explosion at Yasomoto labs was Ethan’s doing. He states that Ethan planned this terrorist attack because he didn’t want to be shut down, proving that artificial intelligence is dangerous. Julie high tails it out of there to warn John and to find Ethan.

And Now For the Crazy Twist

Back on the Seraphim, Shaun is planning a pod escape but needs some spare oxygen tanks for the ride. So he goes down to the escape pod, where Katie was in to do the same. He opens a cabinet to find Katie’s dead body and before he can escape, the fake one shuts him in, telling him in a creepy voice “It’s okay.”

Extant airs on Wednesdays at 10 pm on CBS.

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