The relationship between Cassie and Cole has been strained throughout 12 Monkeys Season 2. In “Lullaby,” the two are forced to work together when they are stuck in a time loop after Cassie goes back in time to kill Jones.

BuddyTV caught up with Amanda Schull to discuss the Witness, Cassie’s next mission and Cassie and Cole’s relationship.

Spoiler Alert: Do not read until you’ve watched 12 Monkeys Season 2 Episode 8, “Lullaby.” This interview contains spoilers about the episode

BuddyTV: Cassie decides to go after the Witness with Ramse. Is that how she’s dealing with her part in what happened when she was taken over by the Witness?

Schull: The greater enemy is to snuff out the Witness. She holds such personal resentment towards this being for what he did to her and for what he made her do that she’s gonna be unstoppable in her attempt to try to eliminate him.

Can the Witness be killed?

We will learn who the Witness is and eliminating the Witness will be a challenge. And that is just about as much as I can give.

In “Lullaby,” it was great to finally get some Cole and Cassie time when they do the¬† mission together, but then at the end it all kind of combusts. He finally opens up to her and lays himself out there, then Cassie pushes him away. Afterward, she breaks down a bit. What’s her headspace in that moment as far as their relationship?

I think it’s so confusing. I don’t want people to think she’s callus for having turned him down. What she says to him at that point– He first brings it up when they’re outside on the log near the river. He says, “You know everything I’m doing is just so you have someplace good to go back to.” …

He’s made it about one person and she’s made it kinda about the greater good of humanity. She’s not that important. She’s nowhere near as important as he thinks that she is. She’s just the soldier is what she thinks. He thinks of her as the whole reason for doing this.

I don’t want people to think when he brings it up to her again in the facility that she rebuffs him and is callus. It’s more that she can’t do that. She can’t do it on so many levels. One of which is that if she does drop the ball and gets her head out of the game, then quite literally the world could come to an end if she’s not focused.

And the other element to it is that she doesn’t feel she deserves the happiness because she hasn’t accomplished it. She can’t slow down. Really, what scares her is that she’s afraid. She’s afraid if she gives in– I think she knows that in some bizarre way she’s destined to be with him. If she gives in to that, then there’s a very good possibility he could die and she’ll be alone again. And she can’t do that to herself.

Is that why she’s so willing to partner up with Ramse and go on whatever mission they may be headed towards regarding the Witness?

Having Ramse as a partner is kind of like keeping your enemy closer in a strange way because she knows there’s nobody else in this world that despises the Witness as much as she does. And it’s because of what she did. She wasn’t scared when Ramse holds the gun to her head.

She’s not scared. She doesn’t cry. She doesn’t beg for her life. She doesn’t try to fight him to get the gun away from him. She says to him essentially, “Shooting me isn’t gonna do anything. If we partner up, we can get the bigger enemy in all of this. The person who caused all of this. The being that caused all of this.” That’s her reason for doing that. And, also, she can’t be around Cole. It’s hard for her. It’s very hard for her.

How will Ramse take Hannah’s rescue when his son has been taken from him?

Ramse’s not happy with stuff going forward. [laughs]

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