The sixth season of Game of Thrones is all about bringing long-gone characters back into the story. We’ve already reconnected with Bran, Hodor, Meera, Rickon, Osha, the Tullys and the Greyjoys. Now it’s time for another character to make his triumphant return from the dead.

As for everyone else, they’re preparing for wars. Jon and Sansa spend the episode recruiting an army, Jaime makes plans to fight the Blackfish and even Theon and Yara have big ideas of their own.

The Hound Is Alive

This week we meet Brother Ray, played by Deadwood‘s Ian McShane. He’s a former killer who is now reformed, a peaceful man trying to spread the word of the gods. But he’s not a zealout like the High Sparrow, he’s just very Zen, practicing and teaching non-violence. He’s the Westeros version of Gandhi.

And one of his follows is none other than the Hound. Yes, Sandor Clegane is alive, being found and saved after Arya left him for dead at the end of season 4. He’s trying hard to follow this new peaceful lifestyle, helping to build a church, but he still has hate in his heart.

A group of men from the Brotherhood without Banners finds their camp. The Hound knows they’re going to try to steal their supplies and wants to fight, but Brother Ray is all about peace. Sadly for him, peace loses. The people are all slaughtered and Brother Ray is hanged. But the Hound is still alive and after witness the carnage, he picks up his ax and walks off. The Brotherhood is in serious trouble now.

Jon and Sasna Recruit an Army

There’s gonna be a war between Jon Snow and Ramsey Bolton very soon, but first Jon and Sansa need a bigger army. He successfully recruits the wildlings and they get help from House Mormont (a whopping 62 men!), but by the end of the episode they don’t even have 2,500 soldiers, which is a problem since they need to fight ASAP. However, Sansa sends a raven to an unknown third party for help. I’ll be very curious to find out who she wrote to.

And in case you’re wondering about the genealogy of Lyanna Mormont, named after Ned’s sister, she is the niece of dead Night’s Watch Lord Commander Jeor Mormont (Jon’s mentor) and the cousin of Dany’s lovesick advisor Jorah.

Kingslayer vs. Blackfish

Jaime (and Bronn!) arrive at Riverrun to help fight the Blackfish on behalf of Walder Frey. Jaime meets with Catelyn Stark’s uncle, but he’s unwilling to negotiate. Instead, he’s willing to die in the castle where he was born and he doesn’t care if they threaten to kill his nephew Edmure. The only good news is that Bronn is finally back, because he’s hilarious and he and Jaime together are the show’s best buddy comedy.

Tyrells and Lannisters

In King’s Landing Margaery is still claiming to be loyal to the High Sparrow, but that is definitely fake. She’s able to slip a note of a rose to her grandmother, Lady Olenna, a clear indication that her one and only loyalty is to House Tyrell. Cersei wants to join forces with Olenna to fight the High Sparrow, but the old lady is leaving town and the only joy she gets is from seeing Cersei lose.

Elsewhere, it seems Loras is still locked up until he atones for his sins, gives up his titles and joins the Faith Militant. It would be a real shame if he had to shave that gorgeous blond mane of his.

Arya Wants to Go Home

In Braavos, Arya pays a man to take her back to Westeros. However, the waif finds her first and stabs her in the gut. Arya is able to save herself by jumping into the canal, but she’s losing blood and looking bad.

The Greyjoys Have a New Plan

Finally, Yara and Theon Greyjoy have a new plan. They’re going to Meereen to strike a deal with Daenerys to take back thr Iron Islands. In other words, it’s the exact same plan as their uncle Euron. More importantly, we finally get confirmation that Yara is a lesbian as she enjoys the company of a female prostitute.

Next week on Game of Thrones: Jaime and Brienne meet once again while the Mountain is gonna unleash some major violence on the High Sparrow’s followers.

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