It’s now 10 episodes into season 2 on Scream, and there are some things that the killer does — or that happens to these characters — that they just shouldn’t find surprising anymore (especially Noah). That was pretty clear in “The Vanishing.”

Here are the moments that should have been shocking but weren’t from “The Vanishing.”

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Piper’s Autopsy Wasn’t a Normal One

Scream 210 1.pngMaggie found a pig heart inside her. Did she really think the killer would have given her a break just because she was performing an autopsy on her daughter?

The “Audrey Jensen AMA” Went Horribly

Did either Audrey or Emma honestly think it wouldn’t? Emma stayed on the offensive, while Audrey kept the real reason she hated Emma to herself. “This was a horrible idea,” Emma said before leaving. Like that? Yes. Yes, it was.

Zoe Wasn’t the One Waiting for Noah at Their Spot

Scream 210 2.pngAfter he left Zoe a message, she texted him she was at their spot and he offered to join her. Once there, he found nothing odd about the texts directing him into the woods — come on, Noah, you’re supposed to be the smart and horror movie-knowledgeable one in these situations! — until it was too late.

“Don’t you know the rules?” the killer reminded him. “Now that you and Zoe have had sex, you’re both on the slasher chopping block.” Noah was stabbed and taken.

Sheriff Acosta Found a Secret Room with Photos of Emma Inside — But No One There

It’s a creepy house. There’s a killer loose. 2+2 = a thorough search of the house for a secret room. At least he found it, but did he really think he’d find someone inside (or at least find someone inside and not get attacked)?

Audrey Loved Emma, and Emma Broke Her Heart

While searching for Noah, Audrey finally blurted out why she hated Emma, something that Emma should have really already known.

Noah Was Buried Under the Pig

Scream 210 3.pngWhy did it take them so long to realize that he’d be under what they wouldn’t want to touch? That should have been the first place they looked.

Zoe Wasn‘t Buried Under Noah

That would have been too easy, and the killer loves playing games. Also, if she had been there, she would have responded to all of Noah’s talking.

Zoe Was Already Dead

She and Noah had sex. And Noah did worry that he had gotten her “involved”; it wasn’t very likely she was going to survive the season.

The Killer’s Latest Gruesome Display Included a Pig and Hand

Scream 210 4.pngWell, Seth’s hand had to be somewhere and the killer had to get that pig heart from a pig …

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