As much as we love Sam, Dean, Cas and even Crowley, Supernatural has had its fair share of characters we just can’t stand to see. From the very depths of their (lack of) souls, these characters generate disgust from even the most loyal fan. Whether its Zachariah’s cocky little smirk he makes when he screws everything up for Dean or Grandpa Samuel’s awful decision-making, we cannot get behind these characters. Sure, they add to the story and create obstacles without which it would be boring, but we still hate them. Here are the 8 most hated characters on Supernatural.

1. Uriel

SPN Uriel.gifMost of the angels in Supernatural are either funny, awkward or badass. Uriel was none of these things. Uriel was just annoying. His serious face made him look constipated and he got way too much sadistic pleasure from messing with Sam and Dean. You’re an angel, dude. Have some heart.

2. Gordon

SPN Gordon Sucks.gifEven hunters can suck. Remember when we first met Gordon, and he actually seemed like a good guy? Then we saw how thirsty and desperate he was for blood, and that feeling turned off immediately. Since then, he was always in the way of Sam and Dean and desperate to kill Sam. He only saw things as black and white — good and evil. If Sam had powers, he had to go. Thankfully, he learned that you don’t mess with the Winchesters. His death scene was immensely satisfying.

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3. Ruby

SPN Ruby2.gifAt first, Ruby was an alright character. She had her quirks, but she was a decent enough villain. When Ruby 2.0 came along and Sam began working with her, it became ridiculous. She was still just as annoying, yet apparently on Sam and Dean’s side. Only, surprise! No she wasn’t. She was playing double-double agent the entire time. The wedge she created between Sam and Dean was never fully resolved, and it was the nail in the coffin for hating this stupid demon who wasn’t worthy of either side. If only we could watch her die over and over again.

4. Samuel

SPN-Grandpa-Samuel.gifIt seemed great at first that Sam and Dean would finally have some family around. But when we saw the way Samuel operated, we quickly realized that Bobby was the only mentor the boys needed. Samuel didn’t care about his family, he wasn’t even grateful that he was brought back and was willing to sacrifice Sam and Dean just to get their mother back. Yeah, she would have loved that.

5. Meg

SPN-Meg2.gifNo matter which version, Meg has sucked. Each of them has brought a different level of sucky-ness to her, which proves that it’s the character we hate, not the actresses. Meg has caused nothing but trouble since season 1. She was working for Azazel, then switched teams, then switched again. All along the way, her smug attitude and smartass responses to Sam and Dean were never funny or witty. We just wanted to strangle her.

6. Raphael

SPNRafael.gifSee, we don’t discriminate. Here’s another angel who just completely sucks. Raphael spoke with no inflection and that monotone voice drove us up the wall. It would be fine if he at least maybe had some personality, but Raphael was basically a robot angel who saw no reason. He just did what he was told and that usually meant screwing everything up. We understand having a villain, but we like a little personality in our villains.

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7. Zachariah

SPN-Zachariah.gifNo explanation necessary. Just look at that face. Even if you didn’t know what a horrible “angel” this guy was, you can just tell — you don’t like him. Zachariah was manipulative, controlling and thought nobody could touch him. He was going to carry out Heaven’s will on his own, a will he decided on himself. Thank God that Dean was able to put a stop to that. Actually, don’t thank God. He kind of sucks too. Thank Dean.

8. Gary

SPN-Gary.jpgRemember this little punk kid? Gary Frankle (that name just makes you cringe) was a 17-year-old witch who was out to collect the bounty that the demons had put on Dean’s head. He used witchcraft to switch bodies with Sam to try and trap Dean. He thought he was a total badass and had absolutely no idea how stupidly dangerous every decision he was making actually was. This kid needs a hard smack in the head so badly.

Who else do you utterly despise in Supernatural? Let it out in the comments below!

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